Friday, April 10, 2009

Nine Hundred Ninety-nine and counting.

Over there in the sidebar, as I write this post, the number of individual U.S. visitors (TCP/IP addresses, visiting more than once from the same computer doesn’t count) to this blog since I installed the Flagcounter thingy last December is 999. (There are visitors from 63 other countries as well, but not enough yet to declare that a milestone has been reached.)

As people in small towns all over America used to say: Much obliged.

To put this blog’s popularity in proper perspective -- don’t you just love alliteration? -- that’s maybe one-third or one-fourth the number of comments Pioneer Woman often gets on a single post.

If I were a rich man (yabba dabba dabba dabba dabba doo -- I know, I sound more like Fred Flintstone than Tevye the milkman), I would present the 1000th U.S. visitor with some valuable prize, a treasure worthy to mark this memorable occasion, an honorable commodity on this milestone in the life of rhymeswithplague, a lasting memento to match this loquacious simpleton’s gratitude instead of his inability to provide.

Here’s what I just said.

No prize will be forthcoming.

But I sincerely hope that all of you, from whatever country, will continue to visit my blog for whatever reason you choose. A grateful blogger salutes you.

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  1. Yabba-dabba-doo! Congrats there, Fred, you loquacious old simpleton, you!!