Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Let me try that again

I hate to disappoint Pat - An Arkansas Stamper and Carolina in Nederland and a few others of you who, judging from your comments to my last post, thought I was giving you a sneak peek at the beginning of a new book. I wasn’t.

What my last post was supposed to do was announce the end of an attempt to begin a new book. It was all right there in the title. Twice. First, “From the round file,” the round file being a well-known (or so I thought) euphemism for a wastebasket. Second, “Not every idea is a good idea” was supposed to be completely self-explanatory after you had read the body of the post.

Let’s just say that Fannie Flagg Is Alive And Well And Living In Santa Barbara, California will never see the light of day.

I never was any good at subtlety.


  1. Oops. Sorry. Well, at least I always have a good excuse for not understanding what people are on about. I'm Dutch and a blonde. And now I'm slightly disappointed too.

    I've just noticed that my Nectaroscordum unfolding is in your sidebar. Thank you.

  2. So ... does this mean that you are not writing the book about rhinos? Wait. What?

  3. Hey, I got the subtlety! Does that mean I get my prize back??

  4. Sorry! The heat must have affected me. The suicide by yard work was successful only to a large number of brain cells.

    I didn't respond yesterday because I was outside damaging more brain cells, with the assistance of my slave-driving gardening daughter who, seemingly, is immune to suicide by yard work. She must have inherited some resistant genes from her father's side of the family, or she would have been long gone, long ago!

    Word verification: braconsp = shorthand for "Brague conspiracy"

    BTW.. Since you've made it perfectly clear that you're not writing another book, about Fannie Flagg in California or RINOS, or Rhinoceri, or anything else, I will make it perfectly clear that I am crushed, disappointed, and completely out of sorts over this turn of events.

  5. Hello again, loyal readers!

    Carolina - Are you familiar with our English expression "go Dutch"? It means that each person pays for his or her own meal or movie ticket or whatever on an excursion, making it a sort of non-date. But why is it called "going Dutch?" (I don't know; I'm asking you).

    flurrious - This does indeed mean that I am not writing a book about rhinos.

    Sam - You're not paying attention. I told you before that you didn't get the prize, we did. So it is logically impossible to get a prize back when you never had one to begin with. You got accolades, kudos, huzzahs. But no prize.

    Pat - I never said that I'm not writing another book, only that I'm not writing one about, in your words, Fannie Flagg in California, RINOS, or Rhinoceri. But it would be wrong to infer from what I said that I am not writing a book about anything else. And it doesn't preclude the possibility of my writing one in the future, as long as it isn't about, in your words, Fannie Flagg in California, RINOS, or Rhinoceri.

    Please don't be crushed, disappointed, or completely out of sorts over, in your words, this turn of events, as it is really more of a non-turn of a non-event.

    There may be an event in the future. One can always hope.

  6. I need new glasses and some replacement brain cells! I'm reading things into what you have not said, and I'm completely missing or misinterpreting some things that you *have* said/written.

    I am beginning to worry about myself. Can I just blame it on the heat for now?

  7. Pat - By all means. It works for me.