Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Carrying the Montessori method a little too far?

Thanks to flurrious over at flurrious and a little more searching of my own, I now know:

How to eat an apple

How to eat an orange

How to eat a banana

How to peel a banana.

and even, God help us, How to make watermelon donuts.

Somewhere Maria Montessori is either turning over in her grave or else she is dancing a jig.

I even found instructions on how to make a vodka watermelon, but if you want to know how, you are going to have to look it up all by yourself.


  1. My life is enriched now that I've been introduced to WikiHow and the many ways to open a banana. I had no idea. Have a great day, rhymsie!

  2. May the Lord preserve us! WikiHow falls into my "they have too much time on their hands" category. Perhaps there are Esquimaux in heretofore undiscovered villages who have never seen apples, bananas, oranges, etc., and would not know how to eat them, but it's also unlikely that they have access to the Internet. Or... perhaps not.

    Now I'm wondering (and will shortly find out) if there is an WikiHow on eating blubber.

  3. Nope! No hints on eating blubber, neither whale nor seal. Search only showed links to Jenny Craig, how to get great abs with no effort, and various diet pills. Shame, shame!

    Does someone have too much time on their hands this morning? :) I am just trying to stay out of the heat!

  4. Quit sending me to flurrious' site! I think I will just "pop in" and then I'm there forevvvvvverrrr thinking "I'll just read one more post..." so unless you want to come over and sweep my floor, cut it out! My cat is unhappy with her too, and wants me to get up and feed her. In other news, I love the Montessori method and visiting a Montessori school in my impressionable late teens was partly responsible for us homeschooling our boys.

  5. I actually know how to eat an apple and how to peel a banana without wasting time in idle research. Honestly, you American chappies are truly amazing! Next you'll be trying to find out if the moon's made of cheese!

  6. There is far oo much information here, RWP, don't the Wiki how people have real lives?

  7. Actually, Rosezilla's cat does want Rosezilla to feed me. But not fruit. Fruit requires too much documentation.

  8. I thought the well-documented instructions were funny. But I didn't quite understand the reference to Montessori.

  9. Hi there,

    Just wanted to say thanks for your comment and tell your sweet wife, Ellie, thanks too for the Beth Moore tip. I have one Beth Moore book and would like to find the ones that Ellie mentioned. I am feeling so much better, the Lord has really helped me.

    Happy 4th of July!


  10. I know I'm a week behind this post, but there's a great trick you can play with bananas. Take one banana ripe enough to have a few of these dear little brown spots. Take one thinnish needle and poke it carefully in four or five of those spots, at places more-or-less the same distance apart down the 'narna, each time rotating the tip of the needle while also pushing it slowly in and then out, to invisibly make internal cuts of the 'narnie. Then give your banana, apparently unmolested and untouched, to an unsuspecting person, who, upon using one of those methods to open said banana, will be surprised to find his or her banana is already sliced for them!

    Grandchildren especially love to play this trick on grandparents.

  11. Geez, and then you wonder why I take a little drink now and then. What is this world coming to?

    Here's a way to eat an apple: eat the apple.