Saturday, April 10, 2010

April 10, 1910 - October 4, 1957

One hundred years ago today, this woman was born.

This photo may have been taken around 1940, when she was about thirty years old, perhaps a year before she gave birth to a son. I cannot show you a photo of her as an old woman, because she never became an old woman. She died in 1957 at the age of 47.

I was a part of her life for the last 16 of those 47 years. I wish we could have known one another longer.

She was my mother, Ruth Elizabeth Silberman Brague.


  1. Your mother was a very beautiful lady, Robert, and your memories of her during those few short years must be very, very precious to you. Thank you for sharing this treasure with us. x

  2. we must be two peas who pee in the same pea patch, why is that you might ask, well my last post mentioned some of those with dates much older than me also who happen to mean a lot to me my mom only lived 59 years, 1921 to 1980

  3. Oh gosh
    So short a time.
    She looks like she was a wonderful person.:)

  4. I can't imagine how vast the gap in your life must have been - to have lost your mother so prematurely. Manly hug from across the Atlantic. Don't read it the wrong way!

  5. Elizabeth, my mother is probably somewhere laughing that you called her beautiful. She considered herself the plainest of Janes, which point of view was developed very early in her life because she was the one with (to use her words) "thin, mousy brown, straight hair" while her mother and older sister were blessed with thick, dark, curls. But I agree with you.

    Putz, maybe we are twins after all, but if we are, we are the strangest ones I have ever seen, including Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    Lady's Life, yes, it was much too short. Thanks for leaving a comment.

    YP, I like to think that my mother would have loved knowing my wife and my children and my grandchildren. I miss her every single day, but especially on her her birthday. I accept your manly hug in the brotherly spirit in which it was intended. If I may say so, you are a kind (and also a well-traveled) person.

  6. this might not fit, but curiosity killed the cat>>>>so i have to know>>>>you did computer programing>>>>>>did you know i worked for univac computers?????it kind of does fit cause your mama made you and you went into computers and were good at them probably because of her genes, so there this is a post concerning your mother

  7. Funny (in a non-humorous sort of way) that you posted this as I am preparing a post about my long-departed and still-missed father. Your parents never go away, they just find a place in your memory that gets more comfortable as time passes.