Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Glimpses of truth

Day 1 (May 19, 1963)...

Day 180 (six months)...

Day 17,167 (47 years and counting)...

Some things never change, my beautiful wife for example, or my ears for another, except that recently a menorah has started growing out of one side of my head and a miniature gramophone, inexplicably, seems to have become permanently affixed to the other.

The sharp-eyed among you may also notice that with this post I have broken my own self-imposed, longstanding custom of never including a current photograph of myself or any member of my family on my blog. On this special occasion of our 47th anniversary, however, Mrs. RWP and I are more than happy to reveal our smiling visages to a waiting world -- you are out there waiting, aren’t you, world? World? -- but the custom will remain in effect concerning our children and grandchildren. In this respect, I realize that we differ from many others in blogland, who display day after day not just themselves but their offspring, their offspring’s offspring, their high-yield vegetable gardens, their Aunt Trudy’s secret family recipe for Crêpe Suzette, and highlights of their family’s recent trip to Lower Slobovia.

Their pride is understandable, certainly, but one thing I decided long ago was not to live my life by majority opinion. To quote that great humanitarian, Popeye the Sailor Man, I yam what I yam and that’s all that I yam.

Rest assured, however, that if I had a horse like Carolina in Nederland does, or if I could draw a picture of a frog the way Katherine in New Zealand can, I would definitely show it to you.

Carolina’s horse

Katherine’s frog

Any similarity between me and either the horse or the frog is purely coincidental. As regards Popeye the Sailor Man, the jury is still out.


  1. A very happy 47th anniversary to you and Mrs. RWP. I am delighted to see photos of you both. Thanks for breaking your rule.

    As to your ears: we may share a common ancestry. I knew I liked you. Perhaps we are non-kissing cousins!

    Your dear Eleanor looks as sweet and kind as I have come to believe she is.

    May this day, and all the days of the years to come, be filled with joy!

  2. Many congratulations to the both of you. You háve grown even cuter over the years. Your wife looks a lovely, sweet lady. And what a gorgeous wedding photo.

    Thank you for referring to my horses in that very nice way :-) I will go and visit the frogdrawing lady now.

    Enjoy your day and say hello to your wife for me ;-)

  3. Yay! We get a WONDERFUL pic of you both! You both look such lovely people, I feel like rushing through the computer and hugging you both.
    Congratulations on your very special day. Thank you for sharing it with us in such a memorable way.

  4. I've mentioned you and your lovely wife in a post today.

  5. Nice post Robert and many congratulations on your 47th wedding anniversary! You are much more handsome than I had imagined and if I were gay your long-suffering wife might be in for a battle to keep you!
    You refer to bloggers who mention "their high-yield vegetable gardens". I trust you were not thinking of me as I have just blogged about my emergent potato plants.
    In three years time I hope to read about your golden wedding anniversary. That will be a marvellous achievement for the two of you. Best wishes, Lord Pudding.

  6. Many, many congratulations to you and Eleanor on your 47th Wedding Anniversary. You both look as gorgeous now as you did on the day of your wedding. My love to you both. x

  7. hey we must be twins, i look so handsome also with ears and nose being promident

  8. I'm mostly with you on the no photo's front RWP - though I do occasionally send one or two by email to some Blogbuddies who get curious...
    Many congrats on 47, and deciding to show your faces! :)

  9. Oh, cool, I can't believe I missed the Great Unveiling! You don't look at all like your voice. :) Seriously, tho, Happy Anniversary and many more; it is nice to put a face to the words, and your wife is darling!