Friday, May 14, 2010

Is a new day dawning in America?

No one knows. But the answer might be, “Very possibly.”

Watch and listen as the new governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, answers a reporter’s question and then decide for yourself....

Update, 5/15/2010: The video at the link above has been removed from YouTube because of copyright issues brought up by The Newark Star-Ledger newspaper. Too bad. It was great.

Read more about Governor Christie here.


  1. An excellent clip. In the Wikipedia info on Mr Christie, I notice that he is of part Italian and part English descent. He must save the Italian side for the kitchen.

  2. RWP

    While I know you have lived all about the country, I am certain you have never become intimately knowledgeable about the "New Joisey" sense of what is and is nit confrontational. It differs little from New york, but may well be more prnounced. If anyone in the state who grew up there or in the New York/ Philadephia metropolitan area would find little in the gentleman's tone to offend. It is a New Jersean"s attempt at humor, which you may not like or appreciate but hardly qualifies and offensive.



  3. Couldn't watch the video, it's been removed from Youtube.

  4. YP, thanks. I thought he seemed quite British in his candor an directness myself.

    Reamus,, you misunderstand me, I fear. I didn't find Gov. Christie offensive at all. I rather liked his response. I knew a lot of New Jersey folks when we lived in South Florida. And I am but one generation removed from Philadelphia myself.

  5. Carolina,, sorry to hear that. You (and subsequent readers) missed a good one.

  6. RWP,

    I did. And they did miss a good one!

  7. I got there early enough to see the YouTube video. Mr. Christie, your middle name is "Candor." Refreshing, whether or not one agrees with his viewpoint.