Friday, May 28, 2010

Maybe we should all move to Birmingham, Alabama

Not only would we be able to attend the annual celebration of Do Dah Day (see my post of May 16th), and not only might we run into Yorkshire Pudding’s daughter at one of the local institutions of higher learning, but now, thanks to a nice lady named Virginia who created the Birmingham, Alabama Daily Photo blog and told us about Do Dah Day in the first place, we have just learned of another important and unforgettable Birmingham celebration -- have your smelling salts ready -- Spring-a-Ling-a-Ding-Dong!!!

What’s not to like about an event that includes a bread toss, a hula hoop contest, a Chicken Lady, and the mock beheading of Marie Antoinette?

And all over Birmingham and north central Alabama, radio listeners tune in daily to hear the latest wisdom from Rick and Bubba.

Maybe there’s something in the water over there.


  1. Birmingham AL, as opposed to its larger cousin - Birmingham UK, was not known as "The Magic City" for nothing! Mind you, the academic year is over and young Miss Pudding is no longer there. I spoke to her via Skype last night. She was in Houston preparing to travel on to San Antonio, thence to Austin and Dallas before a 28 hour Greyhound ride to Las Vegas. You sure got some hellishly slow buses in the old US of A!

  2. Alabamaboogiewoogiebimbombirmingham more like

  3. Well, why not just fly back and forth in your helicopter since it's not far? Of course, I suppose you could buy a second mansion. If you do, I would suggest northern Alabama as being much prettier, but then you already know that.