Monday, June 28, 2010

We interrupt our silence briefly to bring you...

Shane Stever!

Shane, who spent several years in the church youth group where my son served as youth pastor, is one very talented individual. He just graduated from Vanderbilt University in Nashville as a communications major. He is about 22 years old, I think. He put together a nine-part a capella arrangement of Justin Bieber songs himself and posted it on YouTube today.

So even if you have never wanted to hear a nine-part a capella arrangement of Justin Bieber songs sung by one person, humor me and click here.

I think you just may end up enjoying it.


  1. I've humored you and clicked there. What a clever guy! It's not at all my kind of music, but I've enjoyed it.

  2. I very much enjoy a capella music, at least of most sorts, and this was quite enjoyable. Thanks for breaking your silence.

    Are you familiar with the group "Glad?"

  3. That was clever - wish I knew somebody who had all that recording equipment - plus the know how that goes with it. I've always wanted to sing four part harmony with myself!!!

  4. I enjoyed it. He's very funny. Cute too.