Monday, August 2, 2010

A study in contrasts

My favorite beach photo:
Mr least favorite beach photo:
The first was taken in 2010. The second was taken in 1945. The first is of New Smyrna Beach in northeast Florida. The second is of Coney Island beach in New York. The first might be called “Atlantic Solitude.” The second might be called “Oh, the humanity.” In the first, the crowd has left for the day. In the second, the crowd has not yet arrived.


  1. Hey I spotted you in the Coney Island picture! You're thirty second to the left on the 87th row. I'm sure it's you - but I could be mistaken.

  2. live in a small town>>no beachfront but no peoples{peolpsploeles}oh by the way i have a delightful post that just had to come out of me on just now putz

  3. Oh, I get it different beaches at different times. At first, I thought that photo A was taken at 8:00 a.m., and that photo B was taken from the same spot at 8:05. You would like the beaches here in Oregon. It's too cold to swim, and boy does that ever cut down on the crowds. Not to mention that the surf is so violent and the sneaker waves so prevalent that those brave souls who do venture out are sometimes washed right off the beach and out to sea.

  4. Oh my! What on Earth was going on that people would want to squash in together like that? I am so not a squashed together kind of person! Your amazing pic confirms it absolutely.

    WV is 'plase' which of course is only one letter away from 'please' which of course means "please never ask me to squash together with lots of people like that!"

  5. Oh dear, imagine being somewhere in that crowd. What a lovely day at the beach that would be :-( And they've all spotted the one guy with the camera ;-)
    I prefer beach one 2.

    I think YP got it right! You must be it ;-)

  6. I hate it when people need to leave. Then it takes hours getting home.:)