Thursday, August 19, 2010

Quote of the day

While watching Judge Jeanine Pirro today (an unscripted American television program on the CW network in which plaintiffs have their cases heard by an arbiter in lieu of incurring the costs associated with going to Small Claims court), I heard the following exchange:

Judge: Did the police interrogate you?

Defendant: No, they just asked me a bunch of questions.


  1. Reminds me of two supermarket checkout women I encountered the other day.
    FIRST WOMAN What are you having for your tea?
    SECOND WOMAN Just a salad with some of that couscous and humorous*.


  2. I was sent to do some bereavement counselling. The lady of the house, deeply distressed, said,

    "He died that morning and I only knew when he came in at tea-time and told me. I can't understand it; we've never had secrets between us before and this is such a big thing to keep from your wife."

    Work that one out! x

  3. Ha! Very good.

    One day, years ago, we were biking through a little town in England called Okehampton and they were having a donkey derby, of all things. We just had to stop for the afternoon. The highlight for me was not the race, but the loudspeaker announcement that discussed the features of the new Okehampton police car that was on display:

    "...and on top you can see there is a powerful searchlight for eliminating the scene of the crime..."

  4. Well, one does not need a high IQ to appear in court ;-)

  5. police do ask lots of questions but i have never known of them to interregate any one>>>i think it is against the law

  6. Glad to be of service. Special thanks go to YP and Katherine, each of whom included an example of a malapropism.

    I still have not figured out why.