Monday, September 13, 2010

And now, for a complete change of pace, here’s...

...Gladys Hardy of Austin, Texas, talking to Ellen DeGeneres (6:52).

Note. In the video clip, when Gladys tells Ellen that “you look like Alfalfa” she means this:

and not this:

I just thought you ought to know.


  1. Well. I really should have been working, but I watched that all the way through. It was delightful. And I would have been confused with the alfalfa thing if you hadn't explained it so well. (A picture is worth a thousand words. Or at least a hundred.)

  2. That was fun! I love Gladys (but I drink a little too. Only a glass of wine now and again mind you. Nothing too serious.).
    I remember the little rascals and Alfalfa. Enjoyed watching that show. They did a rerun a couple of years ago. Still funny!