Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day 2010


  1. To American visitors to "Rhymes With Plague" - VOTE DEMOCRAT for social justice!

  2. Both YP and SP are guilty of electioneering within 150 feet of a polling place, which is a crime in the state of Georgia and probably every other U.S. state as well.

    I don't know the rules that govern elections in the U.K., but here in the former colonies that sort of thing is frowned upon, prohibited even, under penalty of large fines and time spent in jail.

    On paper at least, our elections are fair to a fault.

  3. "On paper at least, our elections are fair to a fault." Try telling Al Gore that or the disenfranchised voters of Florida in 2000. Are you talking about "rest room" paper?

  4. P.S. to Y.P. -- I don't tell you how to run your country. Please don't tell us how to run ours. We aren't, and don't want to be, the Brits, the French, or anybody else. We are ourselves. I'm for self-determination. You determine for yourselves and we'll determine for ourselves*, okay? I won't vote in (or try to sway) your elections if you promise not to vote in (or try to sway) ours.

    *(I'm tempted to add, "and never the twain shall meet," but that's not what I mean at all.)

    Anybody who makes a self-portrait out of pudding and odds and ends is an okay fellow in my book.