Saturday, April 16, 2011

She’ll be comin’ ’round the bok choy when she comes

Today’s post is short, but you won’t forget it.

When Katherine DeChevalle down in New Zealand isn’t painting one of her incredible canvases, she finds incredible videos of things you wouldn’t believe exist if you didn’t see them with your own eyes.

Here’s one.

P.S. -- The title of this post is my feeble attempt at humor by substituting a Chinese vegetable in the title of one of the first songs children in the U.S. learned in days gone by. I don’t know whether they learn it any more. It was sung around camp fires, at kids’ parties, and in schools. I have no information on its origins, although it sounds like it could have been a fiddle and banjo dance tune in our rural areas at one time.

She’ll be comin’ ’round the mountain when she comes.
She’ll be comin’ ’round the mountain when she comes.
She’ll be comin’ ’round the mountain,
She’ll be comin’ ’round the mountain'
She’ll be comin’ ’round the mountain when she comes.

She’ll be drivin’ six white horses when she comes, etc.

And we’ll all go out to meet her when she comes, etc.

And we’ll all have chicken and dumplings when she comes, etc.

Ever the teacher, I remain,


Jinksy said...

Don't forget this verse, too :- "She'll be wearing pink pyjamas when she comes"

Plus :-
"Singing I will if you will, so will I"

Jinksy said...

And "singng Aye Aye Yippee Yippee Aye"

rhymeswithplague said...

Hey there, Jinksy! I don't know either one of the songs you mentioned, although I do know one that goes "Come-a ty yi yippee, yippee yi, yippee yay, Come-a ty yi yippee, yippee yay"! It's a cowboy song, I think.

But the real question is: What is your reaction to the video?

Putz said...

i' ll answer jinksy>><<>the vidio is typical of a land which does not have enough space<><>,.i live in the old west where you get lost in all the space and we don't generally have white horses around here><><i wonder how often that train makes it through that market??????

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Was the train clip filmed in Canton Georgia? I bet the local beggars and street vendors were more than unhappy. Did your roasted peanut stall survive? What about Madam Ellie's tarot card booth?

rhymeswithplague said...

Putz, I was going to say "What question of Jinksy's are you answering?" but then I realized your were not answering a question of Jinksy's, you were answering the question I put to Jinksy. While yours is a perfectly good answer for one living in the old west where one gets lost in all that space, I'm not sure your words would fit in Jinksy's mouth, since she is from a fairly crowded land herself!

YP, definitely not in Canton, Georgia, which was actually named for Canton, China, but possibly in Canton, China. I simply don't know where it was made. Around here, though, we don't have roasted peanuts, we have boiled peanuts. And although Archie Bunker might call them berled peanuts, here they are called bawled peanuts. I'll tell you something else: I don't like them.