Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I'm ba-a-a-ack

Mrs. RWP and I spent a few days in the mountains of western North Carolina -- Lake Junaluska, to be exact -- and I didn’t have an opportunity to blog about Hanukkah or St. Nicholas or Pearl Harbor this year.


But we attended a performance of Handel’s Messiah.

Here’s a snippet (4:13) from another source.


Mary Z said...

Beautiful country!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Glad you are back. I was fearing the worst...
Did you know that oday, the Lake Junaluska Conference and Retreat Center hosts events for the United Methodist Church beginning in April and lasting through the fall of each year. There are events for all ages, ranging from a summer day camp for children to various Elderhostels. Events back in June, 2009, included the Music and Liturgical Arts Week and the Native American Summer Conference, among others. The Center also includes lodging, dining and recreational activities in a beautiful lakeside setting. The most famous tradition for Lake Junaluska youth is done on the last day of each retreat. On this final day, visitors all go to the outdoor chapel and sing "Pass It On." On the final words, the youth yells "Praise God!" into the mountains. The sound can be heard for miles as it echoes throughout the lake.
Lake Junaluska is mentioned in the song "St. Joseph's" by the Avett Brothers.

klahanie said...

I've been reliably informed by someone who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, that the location you refer to is wondrous.

And a bit of inspirational music and myself checking out the colours returning to my rainbow, think that's one heck of a positive outcome.

Peace and goodwill, your way, Gary

rhymeswithplague said...

Mary Z, Chattanooga isn't so bad either!

Yorkshire Pudding, why, yes, as a matter of fact, I did know that.

Gary (klahanie), we think it is wondrous (yes, we do) but the area really can't hold a candle to the scenery British Columbia offers. These mountains in the east are much lower and much less rugged. Still, they'll have to do.