Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Anybody who likes The Eagles is okay by me

There is a news item out of Charlotte, North Carolina, today about
a woman who stabbed her roommate because he wouldn’t stop listening to music by The Eagles.

Shame, shame on her.

I like The Eagles.

Very much.

I think everybody should listen to The Eagles.

Therefore, the rest of this post will feature music by The Eagles.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.

* "Hotel California" (6:28)

* "You Can’t Hide Your Lyin’ Eyes" (6:25)

There’s lots more, of course, but I think that thirteen minutes of The Eagles should be enough to get you hooked for good.

If you have a roommate, though, hide all the knives.


  1. Hi there....was just perusing your titles and thought you meant the football team. That is what The Eagles means to anyone from Philadelphia/Southern New Jersey area. Of course, we DO have actual bird eagles, too.

  2. Love the Eagles ~ first quiz question tonight on the radio was ~ who sang On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair ~ TWO people didn't know!!! I was shocked. Which rock have they been living under?

  3. JBG in the Philadelphia/Southern New Jersey area, I didn't mean the Philadelphia Eagles football team, obviously (sorry), but I didn't mean bird eagles either. I meant The Eagles whose music got that guy stabbed by his roommate in Charlotte, North Carolina.

    We can lead you to water, but we can't make you drink.

    Carol in Cairns, the two people must have been, how do you say, young! Or from some other planet (Putz, take note).

  4. didn't john denver ever sing about eagles?

  5. Why, yes, Putz, he did. I'm not a big fan of John Denver, but all I had to do was google "John Denver" +eagles and I found the lyrics to "Eagles and Horses".

    Now I'm just wondering which eagles John Denver was referring to -- Don Henley, Glen Frey, Joe Walsh, or Timothy B. Schmit, Randy Meisner, Bernie Leadon, or Don Felder.

  6. Both excellent songs. Thank you for reminding me, it's been far too long since I heard them both.

  7. It may or may not surprise you that in my house we occasionally get out all the 45s and listen to them.....from the 40s through the 80s.....and Lyin' Eyes by the Eagles is among them. Sad lyrics indeed. Part of your Autumn melancholy?
    p.s. not like John Denver??? tsk tsk......sacrilege.

  8. I am much more likely to be the stabbed rather than the stabber in this scenario. Something new to worry about...

  9. All Consuming, Hilltophomesteader, and Elephant's Child, all my future press releases will say that my posts are admired all the way from the heart of England to the west coast of America to the east coast of Australia. That's a lot of water over the dam, or under the bridge, or somewhere. Thanks for dropping by.

  10. Assuming the roommate survived, I hope the Eagles sent him or her a get well card and maybe some flowers and a box of chocolates. A Mercedes would also be nice, but I don't think he--or she--would complain much about a Lexus. For all I know, a Lexus would be preferable to a Mercedes, but Lexuses are new fangled--to me--so that's why Mercedes came to mind first. I just know that I loathe Cadillacs, and if you've ever made a long trip in the backseat of one, you would loathe Cadillacs too, but I don't suppose you have. You just tootle all over the place in driver's seat of your Tesla and thumb your nose at all the rest.

  11. Snowbrush, since you strayed a bit far from the Eagles in your comment, I presume you are taking a high dose of some new-fangled medication. For your information, a Mercedes rides too hard for my tender tushy, a Lexus is very nice, and I loathe Cadillacs as much as you do, mainly because of the superior attitude of many Cadillac owners. But I will have you know, sir, that at Christmas time in 1959 I rode from Dallas to Houston (275 miles or so) curled up like a pretzel in the back seat of my stepbrother Eddie's Renault Dauphine (because Eddie's wife Judy and their two-month-old son, Donald Bruce, were occupying the rest of the interior, and all our luggage was piled high on top of the car). That was an experience I would not wish on anyone, even a Cadillac owner. I do not own a Tesla, but as to whether I have been tootling all over the place, some things are just too personal to admit to in a public blog.