Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Putting a comma where it doesn’t belong is not some life-ending tragedy

In the Afro Briefs section of a website called AFRO on September 6, 2013, the headline read “Miami Heat Udonis Haslem & Wife’s, Unusual Wedding Announcement” and apparently no one batted an eye at the unneeded comma.

And when Miami Heat player Udonis Haslem and his wife, Faith Rein, were married recently (after living together for 14 years) , no one -- well, hardly anyone -- batted an eye that their wedding announcement included ... well, here, just read it for yourself.

I’m hoping you are shocked, but perhaps you won’t be.

The thing that shocks me most is not the fact that the couple included information about an abortion in their wedding announcement. It’s that one pro-choice blogger reportedly was appreciative that the couple “discussed their decision like it’s not some life-ending tragedy.”

If abortion is not a life-ending tragedy, then what is it exactly?

There may be an ongoing debate about whether a fetus qualifies as a human being (what is it, reptilian?) or exactly when it becomes a human being (the CCNCW -- current conventional non-Christian wisdom -- seems to be when it is “viable,” capable of surviving outside the womb) , but -- and correct me if I’m wrong -- has there ever been any doubt as to whether it is life? Any at all?

Maybe in the hallowed halls of The New York Times or the locker room of the Miami Heat or the bridal parties of the rich and famous, but not where I live.

There’s no question whatsoever.

An abortion is a life-ending tragedy, period.

Case closed.

Now if we could just get journalism schools to teach people where commas are not needed, life on this planet would be almost perfect.

I hope you caught the lack of sincerity in that last sentence. When everything is said and done, today is still September 11th.

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  1. You know RWP, I wrote that date several times today and it never even occurred to me. Is that a bad thing, or do I just have too much other stuff happening at the moment to catch the news and be reminded. Lucky I caught your blog. I can still picture that night here in Australia in my mind as the whole tragedy unfolded right there on our late night news. Ms Sandra Sully was the only Australian journalist still awake to cover it through the night. She has spoken about that experience of covering 9/11 live since. Now she is a fine lady and excellent journalist and would not put a comma in the wrong place.

  2. at my school crossing guard post today, i had a patron about 6 years old tell me that today was the aniversary of 9-11<><><>so i was focused on that at 7"30 am this morning<<>first thought of the day except when i brushed my teeth , combed my bald head and took care of my bodily function needs<<>you probably don't need to know all that...oh carol in cairns sorry for all my commas in wrong places, words purposly misspelled><periods that don't mean a thing to me, honestly

  3. I've answered this post in the following one. I can hardly bear to look at the photographs, however such a thing must never be forgotten, and some good must result from it too. I always think of the families involved on this day.

  4. The events of 9-11 were indeed a tragedy. Nearly 3,000 people were killed and many of us looked on in horror as tv allowed us to see it as it happened. Not to diminish in any way the horrors of that day, it's really even more tragic that to date approximately 50 million precious babies have been snuffed out by the choices of their own parents to end their lives by abortion. What a merciless and cold-hearted people we have become that we not only excuse the brutal murder of innocent babies, but excuse ourselves because it was 'inconvenient' at the time. Woe to us, America. God cannot possibly be pleased.

  5. Interesting column on abortion I thought you might be interested in:

    Thank you for your reminders today.