Monday, December 23, 2013

Golden gifts all around, barkeep

I know I already gave you a poem for Christmas, but I wanted to give you something else as well.

I thought about letting you listen to National Public Radio’s Daniel Pinkwater reading his Christmas tale, “Wolf Christmas” (6:10), but I already did that on Boxing Day in 2010.

I thought about digging up yet another unpublished poem of mine to show you, but that would be overkill, and besides, I don’t have another unpublished poem of mine to show you except “Pu-tu-no-gu-tu-da-ron-lilla Bay” which besides being unpublished is unfinished. In fact, it may never see the light of day.

What to do?

“Oh, woe is me,” I thought. “Alas, and also alack!”

If you really think I thought that, I have some swamp land in Florida that you might be interested in buying, or perhaps a nice bridge in Brooklyn.

Then, as is more often the case than many of us care to admit, something serendipitous occurred. Fortuitous, even. I happened to read the blog of Elizabeth Stanforth-Sharpe and encountered an excerpt from Laurie Lee’s “Cider With Rosie” for the first time in my life (I know, my education must have been sorely lacking) and was enchanted. So, rather than doing all the hard work necessary to repeat it here, I’m giving you as an extra-special second Christmas gift:

This link to Elizabeth’s post.

You’re very welcome.

In other news, we received 4.25 inches of rain yesterday and the temperature has fallen from a balmy 71° Fahrenheit to a chilly 25° (also Fahrenheit) expected tomorrow morning.

I guess you can’t have everything.


Carol In Cairns said...

Thank you Sir Robert x

Elephant's Child said...

Cider with Rosie is a lovely book. Now, can I have some of your rain? Please.

Elizabeth said...

Thank you, Bob. This is kind of you. xx

All Consuming said...

I've never read the book, however if TEC says it's good then I'm interested. You spoil us you do.

Pat - Arkansas said...

Wishing a blessed Christmas to you and Eleanor, Bob. - Pat, Arkansas

rhymeswithplague said...

And a very blessed and merry Christmas to each and every one of you, especially where it is still Christmas (ours here near the end of the time zone trail has barely begun).

rhymeswithplague said...

Pat, such a lovely handmade card from you once again! We failed to send any cards this year, or put up a tree, or even a nativity set. We are definitely slipping. I did play for the Christmas Eve candlelight carols and communion service at our church.

Carol In Cairns said...

Just a short message Sir RWP, to wish you and Lady RWP a very Happy New Year. I hope the new year brings you much happiness and peace. Best wishes for 2014 from FNQ.