Friday, December 6, 2013

Let’s have a Ding! Dong!

Today is St. Nicholas’s Day and tomorrow is Pearl Harbor Day and the day after that is probably something else. It never ends. There is always something to commemorate.

To tell the truth, though, I’m beginning to grow weary of posting.

This li’l ol’ blog of mine is nearing 1,300 posts and I can feel myself slowing down.

I can feel myself beginning not to care any more.

I can feel myself getting ready to toss in the towel.

Maybe I am just coming down with a case of the mid-December blahs.

Fortunately, I know the cure.

As Eric Idle once said to John Cleese, “Let’s have a Ding! Dong!”

Here’s “"Ding! Dong! Merrily on High!” by the choristers of Kings College, Cambridge (2:39).

Listen to it as many times as it takes to brighten your mood and put a smile on your face.

One year I had to listen to it 142 times.


  1. I know what you mean. Life gets to be....well.....too much. My current favorite mood-lifting Christmas songs are Little Drummer Boy and Carol of the Bells by the a Capella group "Pentatonix". Oh, MAN, are they ever talented and fun to watch & hear!
    It also helps to make fudge and eat it.
    Please don't quilt posting. I'd lose a treasured friend.....

  2. Oops. I mean don't QUIT posting. You can quilt all you like ;-) I've lost a few brain cells lately.

  3. That was a powerful case of the blahs that you had to listen to Ding Dong 142 times before you smiled. Or were you just being stubborn.
    Post when, and if, you feel like it. Your blog, your decision. You would be missed if you disappeared though.

  4. I love singing that Christmas carol! I had read your comment about losing interest in your blog on Katherine's blog. And I felt sad when I read that. I am not sure what I can say that will make any difference Sir RWP, only that I have loved reading your blog in the short time I have been following you, and I will miss you if your wisdom and sensibility and wry humour if you finally decide to ring the bell! Sending the warmest of Christmas wishes to you and Lady RWP and hoping you enjoy this time with your family. Big hugs from FNQ xx

  5. Oh Robert, 142 times? At least you have your sense of humour... well, in your case it's 'humor'.
    I had some time off blogging this year. It was good. Blogging's no good if it feels like an obligation. Just do it if you feel like it. And if you don't, don't. :-)

  6. Elephant's Child and Katherine, actually I was exaggerating, engaging in a bit of hyperbole, when I said 142 times. It was maybe 3 or 4. It just seemed like 142.

    Hilltophomesteader, I do love Carol of the Bells (other title: Ukranian Carol) but I CANNOT STAND Little Drummer Boy -- it absolutely sets my teeth on edge. It has nothing whatever to do with the Christmas story; it was just added in like Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Plus it teaches salvation by works. Baby Jesus doesn't smile at me until I play my best for him. In Genesis, Abel presented a slain lamb and Cain presented produce. Drum solos are produce. Think about it. Perhaps I SHOULD take up quilting.

    Carol in Cairns, you are my one and only cyberfriend in the whole wide world from Far North Queensland. I will soldier on, perhaps at a slower pace.

  7. Aye, you'd be missed if you went, sometimes I find a break is needed to come back fresh, or it's just not having to think too much that helps. Support from other folks can be a fine thing along with that you supply to them yourself mind, though you have to want to do it.
    I'd miss you.

  8. You can always re-post some of your classics. There's some good stuff in there! And maybe you'll think of a comment or two to add to it, and then Bob's your uncle ~ you've got a fresh new post! But as Katherine says, enjoy!

  9. 142 times? That's quite an achievement. I think my head would have exploded after hearing it the 17th time.

  10. December 13th is Robert Brague Day in Liechtenstein when the entire populace run naked through the Alpine snow and then drink mulled wine and eat frankfurters in the main square in Vaduz while singing carols beneath an enormous portrait of their American hero. And then they all chant in unison, "DON'T STOP BLOGGING UNCLE BOB!" so loudly that avalanches of snow are often triggered.

  11. I'm struggling myself to find something to post about without repeating myself too much but I;ve come to love my time with my Blogging friends so I don't want to give it up. I just post when I can think of something to say and the rest of the time I just read people's blogs - sometimes they give me inspiration !
    Actually I think it is also the time of year. Hang around a while more Robert!

  12. Elizabeth, thank you for your comment about my comment to Hilltop. I thought I published it, but apparently I deleted it instead because it's nowhere in sight. I'm sorry for my clumsiness, er, heavy-handedness, er, mistake. Do send it again if you can reconstruct it.

  13. Ouch, Mr Bob! Don't think quite so hard about the little drummer boy! I want to do my best, little as it is and I want Jesus to smile at me, too. Nope, not saved by works THANK HIM FOR THAT, but work I shall, nonetheless. I think baby Jesus was just rewarding the little boy for his effort, letting him know that even though he couldn't bring riches, he gave what he had - kind of like the widow's mite.
    If you really want to rip a song apart, go for We Three Kings...were they kings? were there three? were they from the orient?
    And frankly, listening to Ding Dong once was plenty for me.....I'm going back to the Little Drummer Boy now.....

  14. Hilltop, Mrs. RWP says to tell you she's on your side when it comes to the Little Drummer Boy and she's never understood why I didn't like the song but she didn't want to argue with me because she has to live with me. The more I think about the widow's mite comparison, I might even end up on your side too. Stranger things have happened.

  15. I feel the same way.
    I think I basically said all I wanted to say and people coming to my blog can either learn, love me, hate me or pass on by.
    I think if I reached anyone in the form of experience from my life, I am ahead of myself and that's a good thing.If not then maybe they're not there yet to benefit from my lifes' learning. lol
    So now I just blog about the things I do every day.I hope to start painting again soon so then I will be able to show what I have painted.But if you could play a tune or two on the piano, This would be nice to hear on your blog.

  16. You talk of blogging as something to either do or not to do.