Thursday, January 30, 2014

In the bleak midwinter

...thinking about Vagabonde’s photographs of Callaway Gardens from last April is what keeps me going until Spring rolls around again.

Have a look

Gorgeous, isn’t it? And there weren’t even any dogwoods in blossom to make the scenes of spring in Georgia even more beautiful.

Vagabonde hails from France originally but now lives with her husband in Marietta, Georgia -- just a hop, skip, and jump down the road from Canton. She travels extensively and wields a mean camera.

I’m so glad.

Winter Olympics notwithstanding, one can look at ice and snow for only so long.


  1. A cracking name for a blog, and you know I really needed all that colour in beautiful bloom form, so than you. She's an excellent photographer.

  2. .... .- -. --. / --- -. / -... --- -... .-.-.- / - .... . / .... ..- ... -.- .. . ... / .- .-. . / -.-. --- -- .. -. --. / - .... .-. --- ..- --. .... .-.-.-

  3. Michelle (All Consuming), I'm glad to have helped you make Vagabonde's acquaintance, as it were.

    Lord Pudding, I knew my Boy Scout flashlight would come in handy one day. Obviously, you received my ... --- ... .-.-.-

    Everyone, Lord Pudding's message was HANG IN THERE, BOB. THE HUSKIES ARE COMING THROUGH.

  4. If the huskies are coming, can Lord Pudding be far behind?

  5. Oh, I've always loved azaleas. Thanks for the beauty.

  6. Stunning photos of breathtaking scenery! I did wonder if the snake was poisonous? In Western WA, where I live, there are no poisonous snakes or awful things like scorpions etc. Are there awful things in Georgia (remember, we're talking about wildlife.....)?

  7. All the best to you and Ellie Robert! Stay warm and hang in there.

  8. How I miss Callaway, Brookgreen, Bellingrath, and so many more. As pretty as Oregon is, it's not subtropical, and so its gardens can never equal the beauty of those in the South.