Tuesday, January 28, 2014

North Georgians can now die happy

Snow began falling about 11:00 this morning.

The roofs are now white.

The sidewalks are now white.

The grass in our yard is now white.

It is now 1:30 in the afternoon.

The snow continues to fall.

We may receive as much as half an inch with drifts approaching one inch.

Traffic has come to a complete halt.

All the schools have been closed.

All of us are stocked up on milk, bread, and toilet paper until this monster storm ends.

We feel a close kinship with the residents of Chicago, Illinois; Flint, Michigan; and Minot, North Dakota.


Elizabeth said...

Stay safe. x

Carol in Cairns said...

Happy snow days Sir Robert. I guess I will never die happy in Cairns?

Helsie said...

Sounds very pretty. hope it stays that way and doesn't get any worse!

Reamus said...

I am sure that all Michiganders and Hoosiers and Chicagoans share your very short and painful "cold." Robert

Hilltophomesteader said...

Ok, you can take Mrs. RWP out sledding on the toboggan. She rides, you pull. After you sled for a bit, you make a snowman. You finish up with snow angels, head inside for hot cocoa and THEN you can die happy.
Wear your mittens and be sure to keep your feet warm. I suggest wool sox and Duck boots. Don't forget a hankie.
Happy Snow day to you!!!

Snowbrush said...

Milk, bread, and toilet paper, eh? My, but you Georgians are a wholesome people with simple needs.