Tuesday, January 7, 2014

There’s no place like home...there’s no place like home...there’s no place like home

As of today -- January 7, 2014 -- this blog has been in existence for 2294 days. It began on September 28, 2007. This is my 1,299th post.

For those of you who are only visiting this planet, once a post has been published Blogger keeps a record of how many times it has been viewed. The count is cumulative; it does not begin over at the start of each new year.

I was surprised to discover the other day that fifteen of my 1,299 posts have been viewed more than a thousand times. It is worth mentioning that a person’s decision to view a post may have more to do with its labels than its contents.

Today I’m not going to do all the heavy lifting. I’m just going to tell you the 15 titles, when they were published, and the number of views. If something in the list tickles your fancy and you want to read more, simply go to the Blog Archive in the sidebar and click three times (on year, month, and title of post).

Here, in reverse order, are my 15 most-viewed posts. Just for fun and perhaps to pique your interest or make you scratch your head, I have included the labels:

15. My 869th post
(Dec. 2011 -- 1,084 views -- Father Frank Toste, Leroy Behrens, PCE-869)

14. It looks even more like Cair Paravel from this angle
(June 2008 -- 1,087 views -- no labels!)

13. Electoral College for Dummies
(Nov. 2008 -- 1,149 views -- electoral college, Mission Impossible)

12. Quote of the day (and maybe week/month/year)
(May 2013 -- 1,184 views -- Survivor 2013, what to do with a million dollars)

11. I don’t know Nick the bartender from Adam’s off ox
(June 2010 -- 1,214 views) -- Adam's off ox, Gomer Pyle, Sheldon Leonard)

10. Mica, mica, parva stella... (How insanity begins)
(May 2009 -- 1,378 views -- Dudley Do-Right, It's A Wonderful Life, Lady Jane Grey, Lewis Carroll, Mica mica parva stella, the Mad Hatter, Twinkle twinkle little star, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)

9. “Quaff, oh quaff this kind nepenthe”
(Jan. 2009 -- 1,399 views -- "The Raven”, Edgar Allan Poe)

8. What’s your sign?
(March 2011 -- 1,566 views -- Southern signs)

7. Welcome, sweet Springtime, we greet thee in song!
(April 2010 -- 1,635 views -- "Welcome Sweet Springtime", Andy Griffith Show, Barney Fife, Don Knotts)

6. I meant to post this rebus yesterday.
(March 2010 -- 1,946 views -- Happy birthday)

5. Lazy day
(May 2012 -- 2,057 views -- no labels!)

4. Flannery O'Connor writes of peacocks
(May 2008 -- 2,361 views -- Flannery O'Connor, peacocks)

3. I always loved The Waltons.
(Jan. 2009 -- 3,667 views -- The Waltons)

2. A B C D goldfish? L M N O goldfish! O S A R...C M?
(Jan. 2011 -- 8,018 views -- cursive writing, D'Nealian Script, handwriting, Palmer method, Spencerian Script)

And the most-viewed post ever on rhymeswithplague is:

1. And now, for a complete change of pace, here’s...
(Sep. 2010 -- 16,765 views -- Alfalfa, Ellen DeGeneres, Gladys Hardy)

You can go home now. It was always in your power to do it.



  1. Fascinating! Truly. I can imagine, from some of the labels, what might have triggered a hit (view) to many of your posts. Search engines are grand (and mysterious.)

    Nevertheless, 1,299 posts is remarkable. It might have been 1,300 --- if you had not been a gentle man concerning apostrophes.

    Wishing you 1,300 more!

  2. Pat, how fitting that you should be the one to leave the first comment. I don't know whether you checked out any of the most-viewed posts, but number 14 ("It looks even more like Cair Paravel from this angle" from June 2008) is the one that caused you to have something I had never heard of before, a Pond Spell.

  3. Wow, my friend. You have maintained a meticulous notation of some of your more momentous times.

    It's encouraging, I'm sure to have fifteen of your posts viewed a thousand times or more.

    I might say I have stat envy. However, I have more fun finding out the bizarre things people typed in to get to my site.

    Here's a very good 2014. I shall now head back to Uranus.


  4. Gary/klahanie, I just felt in my bones that this blog often attracts unearthly visitors. It's gratifying to have my suspicions confirmed. I hope your own 2014, or whatever it's called on your planet, is equally stellar.

  5. Michelle/All Consuming, somehow I managed to delete your comment while in the act of publishing it, or so it seems. Is there any way you can re-formulate it and and send it again? I promise to be more attentive to the task next time.

  6. Hang on, where has my comment gone? I posted one of the finest comments that has ever been posted on anybody's blog. It was wise and witty, droll and yet vivacious. I was hoping to win an award for that splendid comment but you appear to have deleted it! I am mortified. Bad Bob! Boo hoo!

  7. Lord Pudding, I appear nothing of the sort. And you should be mortified over your non-existent comment! Isn't it past your bedtime?