Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get me

So there I was, blogging somewhat less than in days of yore, tootling along with around 100 views per day, some days fewer, some days more, when suddenly on October 3rd a spike occurred.

Here’s how it appeared on Blogger’s chart of this week:

...and here’s a slightly longer view showing the past month:

There have been spikes before but never of this magnitude.

Specifically, this blog had 87 views on October 2nd and 108 views on October 4th, but on October 3rd it had 2,987 views. About 90% of these originated within the United States. What I want to know is:

What does it portend?

Let the speculation begin.

P.S. to Hilltophomesteader: I am going to send you a proper thank you by snail mail shortly, but I wanted to report that we found your package by our front door Monday morning after we returned home from North Carolina late on Sunday night.


  1. Definitely on the weird side. Most of my spikes (and never of that magnitude) come from Russia.

  2. I never have spikes because my blog is not listed on any search engines or in Blogger so never get those autobots visiting me. I am very pleased to look at my statistics and see a very healthy ratio of comments to views. I have some lovely readers who leave me comments.

  3. That is a concerning spike Bob. I guess that most of the hits will be from The Ukraine and Russia where high school teachers sometimes use American blogs to accompany their lectures about the dangers of capitalism and The Yankee Menace.

    P.S. If Hilly from Washington State is sending you parcels of marijuana, please take care! I would hate to think of you languishing in the Georgia state penitentiary at Reidsville.

  4. Just checked my stats and I had a spike on the 3rd too to 30 not 3000, so perhaps Blogger was doing some kind of testing or system upgrade?

  5. I haven't posted on my blog in ever so long (busy with cancer care-giving), so no traffic there, except there were suddenly 11 views yesterday. Maybe lots of folk are done with summer and settling back in again with a cuppa and a computer? I know I am.

    p.s. No doubt Mr. YP will get coal in his stocking this year (again). I don't grow (or use) marijuana but I do know those who make/sell/use it medicinally in this state.

    p.s.s. Glad your package got there safely. If people could travel as quickly and easily, I'd drop by for coffee & a visit.

  6. The whole things look sort of lewd, does it not?

  7. Hi, I've just dropped by after reading a comment you left on a blog. I don't want to feed your paranoia(!) but the alarm bells were set ringing when I read this post. I had something similar happen to me (much smaller spikes of about 100 hits happening very quickly) and later found that much of my blog content had been scraped and is being published on 'fake/composite' blogs...very disconcerting and downright annoying, given that I was simply blogging about my home life, etc. I went through a long battle with blogger and had many of them taken down, but it is a slow process and takes a lot of work.

    I have now taken down all my old blogs, apart from leaving a few warning posts for all my friends and followers. I took a long time off, finally got over my outrage, etc and decided that I do enjoy blogging and why should they spoil that for me. So now I have assumed a new id and have renamed everyone/everything I write about and tried to up my security. It could still be scraped/stolen, but at least it will feel slightly less personal, I hope!

    Hopefully, your spike is not indicative of scraping, but I just thought I should warn you. Regards, Elaine (real name)

    (One of my earlier blogs: A Woodland Journal http://bramblerambling.blogspot.co.uk complete with outrage and warning posts for my friends although most of the posts were stolen from Pear Tree Log which is now only in draft form and inaccessible to anyone but me.)