Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday ramblings #6

Yes, it’s Tuesday again, but the outrageous rains of Tropical Storm Fay are beating against my window as I write this, and my widdle head doesn’t function at top level in extremely high humidity. Therefore, for this one Tuesday only, I refer you to my three immediately previous posts, “Now that the Olympics are over,” “WWACD?,” and “It’s Sunday. Let’s do something religious.”

I think the subjects of these three posts are wide-ranging and disparate enough to qualify as “ramblings.”

Please peruse them at your leisure.

Here are your vocabulary words for the week: bourgeois, plebian, patrician, vulgar, Vulgate, sesquipedalian, arthropod.

Be prepared, when tested, to give a definition of each word.

We can only hope and pray that by next Tuesday, Fay will have moved on.


  1. Ruth, the rain has left these parts for now. Did any of it get up your way?