Friday, August 29, 2008

Who is this woman and why is she holding a fish?

Here’s a hint: In 1984, she was both first runner-up and Miss Congeniality in the Miss Alaska beauty pageant.


  1. Well I think she is Sarah Palin. Cool fish she caught there. I believe she was/is from the Wasilla, Alaska area which is where my aunt lives.

  2. Oh and I guess she is holding the fish because she likes to hunt and fish and is the wife of a commercial fisherman.

  3. Vonda! I guess we'll all be hearing a lot more about Sarah in the days ahead. I had never heard of her before today's announcement from Senator McCain. Do you know her oldest son is in Iraq (or on his way) and her newest baby has Down's Syndrome?

    I thought her husband worked for BP.

    This is going to be one very interesting election.

  4. I had heard of her just because my aunt spoke highly of her. I guess her husband did work for the oil industry for a long time but has always been a commercial fisherman. I didn't know about her kids until recently. Interesting.