Monday, February 23, 2009

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Say whaa-a-a-t???

The sign above (posted today on Sam Gerhardstein’s blog) is from, a site dedicated to displaying strange messages posted in what people in Japan seem to think is English. You may peruse the site at your leisure, if you dare. I must caution you, though. Do not drink a carbonated beverage while reading engrish or it will come out your nose and you will snort it all over your computer screen. Pat in Arkansas, this means you!

In case you cannot read the small print above, here is what the sign says:

Go into the toilet beard know

1. The service object of this toilet is limited by a person only
2. This toilet provides only into the toilet place, the dissatisfied foot goes into the toilet to have a bowel movement outside of other request
3. The one who go into toilet want to take good care of this toiletfacilities strictly forbid to move this toilet tool to did it touse
4. Go into the toilet beard to place excrement the tool is intoestablishment inside, can not spread to leak
5. The one who goes into toilet can not clamor loudly in this toilet. The in order to prevent make other go into toilet is frighten
6. Go into toilet can not the interference is other is normal into the toilet into the toilet
7. Go into toilet and can not will boil to make a food to take isedible into this toilet, the in order to prevent break good go into toilenvironment
8. Anyone can not with any form to just at earnest go into toilet carry on any bother, in order to prevent dispersion go into toilet of attention
9. Please take good care of public facilities can not in separating plank namely a wall the confusion write a disorderly painting
10. Cannot move bowels in the urine in the pond
11. Please read this beard to know hard into the toilet, and act According to carry on

You know, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I think we should all take good care of public facilities. I hate it when the confusion write a disorderly painting in separating plank namely a wall. Don't you?

Which just proves one thing. There’s only one place to go from the sublime, and that’s back to the ridiculous.


  1. for me, i truly appreciate accuracte comeplete instructions in going to the toliet...i can't think of a better public service that could be given than toiliet instructions, in europe i always walked by corrigated with holes metal boxes that started halfway up about 3 feet so nothing was left to the immagineation,,,,so i very complex set of instuctions just means someone cares

  2. Thank goodness I wasn't drinking a carbonated beverage.

    An Arkies Musings

  3. Ummmm... uh, I- maybe; I could - no, never mind. I'm not just speechless. I'm commentless!

  4. Well, I'm happy!

    A) we are back to the ridiculous and
    B) my English isn't the worst ever

    Very big smile!

  5. oh I LOVE Engrish! That's a fabulous sign and clearly achieved its goal of being captured on camera to be laughed at and shared with others.

    It's done its job! Thanks for sharing!


  6. Thankfully, I had swallowed my gulp of coffee before I read this this morning. Tried to comment then, but my internet connection went wacko, so I went shopping.
    "Engrish" is quite a find.....good job.

    Maybe you can bring yourself to blog sometime about 1979, even in a veiled way.

  7. Pat in Arkansas has already learned not to drink carbonated beverages at any time, whether or not reading Engrish! :) This particular piece is even more strange than the Google translation from French that gave me a Pond Spell.

  8. I guess it helps if you translate it...

  9. Thanks to everyone for commenting!

    Putz (David) in Utah - You're right; someone caring is better than someone not caring.

    Richie/Richies/Richie's in Arkansas - Glad to have been of service.

    Rosezilla (Tracie) in Florida - That's definitely a first!

    Carolina in Nederland - Your English on a bad day is better than Putz's on a good one!

    answerstartsetc. (Daisy in Toronto) - Welcome to my blog! Glad you liked the post.
    Come back often. How did you discover rhymeswithplague?

    Jeannelle of Iowa (not to be confused with Eleanor of Aquitaine) - Coffee would have left permanent stains on your keyboard. Shopping is always a good fall-back activity.

    Pat, who stamps around Arkansas - It's funny you should mention a Pond Spell; I nearly mentioned it in the post but thought it would be too esoteric (only you and I would have known what I was talking about, and sometimes even I don't know what I'm talking about).

  10. "Please read this beard to know hard into the toilet, and act According to carry on"

    Aaaaah! I'm so glad to have read this! Now, the problem is, I STILL don't know how to act according to carry on! Hard or not.

    I'm not sure, but I think No. 6 is an admonition against soliciting ... but what the heck No. 2 means, is anyone's guess!

  11. Hey, there, Jay - How are things in jorry old Engrand, anyhow? I would wager that you have been carrying on for years, and acting accordingly. Good to hear from you.

    I enjoyed your post about Data on Star Trek - The Next Generation.

  12. I thought that was the way everybody speaks. It certainly is clear.

  13. Thanks for the warm welcome.

    Normally, I'd write where I came from (if it was another blog) on the first comment.. but since I didn't, I'm guessing I googled something and found your post?

    No worries - I'll be back often enough.. so often, you just might get tired of me!