Monday, January 18, 2010

August 28, 1963

I have a dream today..." (complete speech, 17:28)

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  1. i am so non violent sometimes i can't stands myself, i am even against anger nowadays in my old age, so how can anybody be for foreign wars, i say make our borders strong and threatless and our immediate skies and waters friendly and forget the foreign wars unless our boys really really want to

  2. how is that for some real strong foreign policy???????

  3. Putz, you are in good company. It was George Washington, I think, in his Farewell Address, who advised us to "avoid entangling alliances" -- however, the current mess in which we find ourselves was not caused by any entangling alliance (unless you count the one between the oil-exporting producers and the oil-importing consumers that has complicated matters so much)....