Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm just sayin’...

Feedjits Live Traffic Feed, that thingy in the sidebar over there that keeps track of all the comings and goings on this blog just like the station announcer in the good old days ("Now departing on track 54, the Silver Zephyr to Palm Springs with intermediate stops in Anaheim, Azusa, and Cucamonga.  Now arriving on track 29, from Pennsylvania Station in New York City, the Chattanooga Choo-Choo.") makes perfect sense sometimes.

Example:  Bay Shore, New York arrived from on "rhymeswithplague: Welcome, sweet Springtime, we greet thee in song!" by searching for welcome sweet springtime song.

Sometimes it makes a certain kind of topsy-turvy sense.

And sometimes, dear hearts and gentle people, even if if you hold your tongue just so, squint, and contort your face into an expression that would put you in the running to play Long John Silver in a remake of Treasure Island,  it makes absolutely no sense at all.

Example:  Hanoi, Dac Lac arrived from on "rhymeswithplague: I’m Three! (on September 28th)" by searching for New England restaurants.

I suppose that last one proves the law of unintended consequences.  On second thought, though, I shouldnt point the finger at Feedjit.  It isnt really Feedjits fault.  Feedjit merely displays the results of the searching, the seeking, the wandering journeys of -- wait for it -- Google.

Somewhere deep in Googles innards, my friends, with apologies to Master Will Shakespeare, something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

Im just sayin....


  1. When I began my humble little blog, I was naive to such things. One of my first proper postings was about my mam's corset fittings. I used the terms, 'mature corsetiere', 'tight lacing' and 'bondage' very innocently within the given context, but quickly realised that I was drawing some odd attentions from the Google searches. I, sadly, removed the post very quickly. A more current post on scarecrows now draws the same attention for its 'medical' link! It seems to me that we just can't beat the thing...x

  2. Elizabeth just gave me an idea, Rhymes. What say one of you--I vote for you--put the kinds of words Elizabeth used so innocently along with lots more such words down in your "labels" section and see who turns up.

  3. my word i thought putz but it ne nameske, david h barlow from ephraim utah who is as normal as pudding and pie putz never was my word and of course nasty people think i am a pennis,and that i may but a putz is really an interesting bumbling fool of a person who just can't help himself but has good intentions and now that i am alone in the world once again, i can resort to my namesake with dignity and verve

  4. I wrote this post because I cannot figure out, for the life of me, why a person (in Vietnam, no less) who searches for "New England restaurants" would be directed to my third blogiversary post.

    Elizabeth, it is indeed unfortunate that one person can use a word in an innocent context and another person can use the same word in a less innocent context. But I do think that losing one's naivete can be a good thing if by losing it one becomes more aware of the world as it truly is (and sometimes it is deplorable) and not as one might wish it were.

    Snowbrush, I think I will steal a phrase from Nancy Reagan and "just say no" to your suggestion. Feel free to pursue it on your own blog, however!

    Putz, I was aware that your nom de plume had multiple meanings before you were, I think. But what do you mean by "now that I am alone in the world once again"? Do we need to talk? Please elaborate (but only if you want to).

  5. P.S. to David Barlow: Use e-mail if a blog is too public a place.

  6. Be very careful about criticising Google Bobby! Never bite the hand that feeds you. You could end up on their hit list, soon to be ex-communicated from the Church of Google. Then it won't be something rotten in the state of Denmark - it'll be in the woods near Canton as a Google Cadillac speeds off.

  7. Oh, I think you'll find I've been doing 'realism' for a very long time,Bob!! x