Monday, October 4, 2010

Three times in three years ain’t too bad, all things considered.

I don’t know what you may be thinking of, but I’m referring to the number of times people have been offended enough by things I have said or done on this blog that they have informed me in no uncertain terms that they are taking their patronage elsewhere, are bidding me a not-so-fond farewell, are removing themselves from my presence forever.

There was a lady reader out in Oregon who took a great deal of umbrage (not you, Vonda), and there was a lady reader from East Tennessee who systematically went through all of my old posts and deleted every one of her comments, and now there is (or was) a lady reader in the United Kingdom who, if I interpret her comments correctly, is convinced that I (a) ignore her, (b) make fun of her, (c) attack her, (d) lie to her. Pick one. Or more.

Does anyone recognize a pattern?

Neal Boortz, an Atlanta-based radio-talk-show host whose announcer calls him The High Priest of the Church of the Painful Truth, is known for being blunt and insensitive. He says if he had a nickel for every time some listener sent an e-mail saying, “I’m never going to listen to you again,” he would be a very rich man indeed. He also has the highest ratings in town.

I feel a rant coming on, but I will try to keep it under control.

When it comes right down to it, I am too busy living my own life and putting food on my family’s table and keeping the wolf from my door to be overly concerned if a nearly complete stranger doesn’t like my blog. (For the record, I am thankful for you nearly complete strangers who do like it.)

If you want to read it, fine.

If you don’t want to read it, fine.

If you’ve decided to move on to greener pastures, great. Glad to hear it. Have a nice life. Don’t let the screen door hit you on the way out.

But please, please, pretty please with sugar on it, don’t be so self-involved that you actually think I have purposely ignored, attacked, made fun of, or lied to you personally. I have much better ways to spend my time.

As Judge Judith Scheindlin says almost daily, “Do we understand each other?”

Rant ended.


  1. Okay Robert, I will try to irritate the heck out of you again....
    Just wanted to say that I really like your blog. There have been many varied, engaging posts. I feel that, as for me, your blog has become a pleasant "extra" in your life - enriching and enabling. Keep up the good work sir.
    Best wishes,
    Your loyal follower - Mr Yorkshire Pudding.
    (Was that irritating enough?)

  2. I do wonder sometimes if people "have a life". When deciding what blogs I want to follow I generally read through a selection of posts and the blogger's profile. I can usually tell if I have discovered an interesting voice. Perhaps some people spend too much time becoming personally involved with strangers' lives instead of living their own. OK - my rant!
    I am addicted to the plain speaking Judge Judy and find myself laughing out loud as she cuts through the nonsense. In England we have a TV programme called "Grumpy Old Women" where some older celebraties air their opinions and I fear I am in danger of becoming a grumpy old woman - I must chill out.

  3. A final comment on the matter to those who read this. I have left some very well intended comments on Bob's page in recent times - please do take the time to go back and look - it will perhaps give you an insight into who I am. May I also direct you to this, page - - particularly the comments section.

    I admire and respect Bob very,very much.We have a shared judeo background and shared committments in the present. I'm sorry I've upset him, but have tried to explain the issues off-screen. I would also like to state, publicly, that YP, has been a very real friend and an absolute treasure to me, as I have struggled to negotiate the world of blogging - theres always more than one side to a story.

    Take care and look after Bob ... he is a precious jewel in the crown of life...and I know that we will meet again some day in a place where these difficulties won't matter. x

  4. Good lord, what fisticuffs have I missed, RWP? Be assured this UK Brit will still plague your pages as and when time allows in my busy schedule of taking tea with Queenie, and dodging all over blogland to see who stirs...

  5. Why in the world would people take the time and energy to write and tell you that they don't like you and will not waste time and energy writing to you or "reading" you again.

    That is really stupid, IMO. Just don't talk or read or write, dingbat!

  6. Oh good Bob...I am glad you clarified it was not me. You know I love to read what you have to say even if I don't always agree. If people become personally offended then like my mother always said "they aren't worth being your friend". After all, we are all different and we all should respect one another and different opinions.