Monday, November 8, 2010

What we have here is a fail-yah to communicate.

[start semi-rant mode]

We have just come through the American election of 2010.

The liberals think the conservatives don’t get the message. The conservatives think the liberals don’t get the message. The president thinks the American people don’t get the message. The American people think the president doesn’t get the message. The Democrats think the Republicans don’t get the message. The Republicans think the Democrats don’t get the message. The Libertarians and Tea Party members think no one else gets the message. Everyone thinks he or she is right. It’s the other person, obviously, who is wrong.

Clearly, in the words of Strother Martin in the 1967 film Cool Hand Luke, what we have here is a fail-yah to communicate.

President Obama now says (in an interview aired on November 7, 2010, on the CBS-TV program 60 Minutes) that he doesn’t plan to change his agenda but will attempt to communicate better because people failed to understand his message. My own opinion is that people now understand his message very clearly. Perhaps they didn’t two years ago, but now they do, based not on what he has said but on what he has done. And a very clear majority of the American voting public have firmly rejected it (except in a few apparently very liberal places where people like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and Barbara Boxer and Barney Frank managed, astoundingly, to get themselves re-elected). The president, however, seems to care more about what people in other countries think than what the majority of Americans think. We are expected to follow like sheep and accept whatever he has decided is best for us.

I have an announcement, folks: The American system doesn’t work that way. In fact, it works just the other way; he is supposed to do what the American voters want. In what used to be America (that is, according to the U.S. Constitution), the people were in charge. Abraham Lincoln probably phrased it best as “government of the people, by the people, and for the people” (and just so you know, Abraham Lincoln was not a Democrat; he was the first Republican president.) But right now President Obama does not appear very Abraham Lincolnesque. Instead, he seems to be Strother Martin and the rest of us have become Paul Newman.

Denial, my friends, is not a river in Egypt.

[end semi-rant mode]

If you are a U.S. citizen, whether you agree or disagree with me, I’d love to hear from you. But for this one post, if you are not a U.S. citizen, please follow Archie Bunker’s advice to his wife, Edith, and stifle yourself.

However, if you want to move here and become a citizen of the United States and vote in our elections, I say, in the words of Edith Bunker herself: “I welcome you with open arms.”


  1. Ya i appreciate your views,but please explain it more

  2. "Ya i appreciate your views"...Whenever I have visited the USA I have always felt very much at home there. However, the prospect of running into your open arms would surely discourage any amount of immigration. In fact, the authorities ought to hire you to drive up and down the Mexican border. Far greater prospect of success than razor wire and dogs!

  3. I read your latest post. Are you sure you’re an American citizen? When you say things like "Why didn’t you enjoyed being in the audience sit instead of regretting that you weren’t not selected in the function? Why didn’t you took a bowl of pop-corn and went to the movie theatre with your not so hot and beautiful friend instead of regretting that you didn’t get the hottie of the class?" well, frankly, I can't be sure. You may have put me even further into my sad core of gloominess.

    Actually, I found your post charming, though you need more help with making your point clear. I mean, it didn't resonate with me. You get why I'm sayin', dude?

    P.S. - I love your name. Are you related to the famous sitar player named Ravi Shankar? Or is your name as prevalent in India as John Smith is over here?

  4. Y.P., at last, you have found a job opportunity for me in my retirement years. I am packing my bags now for a move to El Paso. I hope the Department of Homeland Security appreciates it.

  5. Ravi, I meant "you get what I'm sayin'" and not "you get why I'm sayin'." It's a fine point, but worth bringing to your attention.

  6. is utar considered part of the republic??????>>>there was an american army{johnson's army}at the point of the mountain who was there to stifle brigham young>>>.so i am wondering if i should stifle?????well you let my old friend ravi comment so maybe an old jewish mind like mine might be considered><><>I JUST DON'T KNOW<><><>i started out full of optomisum>>>>really>>>>>now all i have is a stomick acke...

  7. Putz,

    1. Utar is definitely considered part of the republic.
    2. You don't have to stifle.
    3. What do you mean, "an old jewish mind like mine?" I thought you were Mormon through and through. Did you find Jewish ancestors in your genealogicalal history? If so, we are twins again.

  8. 53% of the folk registered to vote in Arkansas did not do so, but will that stop them from complaining about our political situation? I think not. We do, indeed, have a fail-yah to communicate.

  9. I am not a US citizen lol but what the US does directly affects Canada.I don't think anyone expects women to be Edith either unless they themselves are Archies lol
    I feel Obama does not understand something about Muslims.
    Presidents go to countries to talk about issues for support and he went to Indonesia to do this, thinking he was talking to a country.
    But he didn't. The Muslim religion erases a nations' boundaries. So Obama was not talking to Indonesia. He was talking to the Muslim world from there and the Muslim world asks: What have you done to give us back our land in Israel? That's all they care about. They want the world, so places, countries and boundaries are erased.What's yours is mine and what's mine is mine lol
    So Obama wasted America's time and money, to do nothing unless he wants the US to become Muslim because he has deep feelings for this religion as a Christian that I think most Americans disagree being represented this way by a man who doesn't fork up a proper birth certificate.
    What Muslims do not understand is that history has spoken in the past with other empire builders. They do not work.In the end, there cannot be one.If there could be, God would not have created mankind.

  10. Pat, I think about 60% of Georgia's registered voters turned out for this mid-term election. Better than your state's 47%, but still not nearly as good as it could be.

    Lady's Life, Canadians qualify as Americans (if not U.S. citizens), so I appreciate your taking time to comment. You make some interesting points that more people should think about.

  11. Well, Rhymes, you've hit the nail on the head. I was shocked at the comments BHO made after the election...he simply doesn't get it.
    Many liberals believe to this day that Democrats lost their Congressional majority in 1994 because Clinton was unsuccessful in enacting nationalized health care. The reason they lost their majority - if it has to be attributed to only one cause - was because Clinton TRIED to enact nationalized health care. The things that have happened since January 2009 make Clinton's liberal agenda pale in comparison, and I can't wait for 2012.