Saturday, December 18, 2010

Condoleezza Rice 1, Katie Couric 0

Here is a very interesting video clip, a very interesting video clip indeed.

I never saw it on TV. Did you? Perhaps the fact that it is a little over six minutes long prevented its ever being broadcast by the mainstream media in the 30-second-sound-bite world we have become.

[Oops! I made a language boo-boo. By leaving out a few words and speaking in a sort of shorthand, I actually just asked, "Did you never saw it on TV?" when what I meant to say, obviously, was "Did you see it?" A thousand pardons.]


  1. Do you think that one day Condoleeza Rice might be the first woman to be elected President? Compared with her, Sarah Palin is an intellectual earthworm. Our daughter was pleased to attend a lecture by Ms Rice at Birmingham Southern College and was most impressed.

  2. YP, a future contest between Hillary Clinton (Democrat) and Condoleezza Rice (Republican) wouldn't surprise me in the least, and I would be pulling for Ms. Rice. Of course, Sarah Palin may have a few plans of her own.

    I believe Birmingham is where Condoleezza (double e, double z) Rice grew up. After the end of W's administration, I believe she went back to being provost marshall or adjutant or whatever her position was called at Stanford University in northern California. I understand that she is also quite an accomplished concert pianist.

  3. She also coverts owning a football team. If she ever runs against a Clinton, it will be Chelsea I would think.

  4. I don't know that I heard much that was new, sickening though it was to hear it again.