Monday, September 19, 2011

The lands where the jumblies live

The silence is deafening.

No one, no one at all, not one single person left a comment about the poem in the preceding post.

My cyberfriends have abandoned me, all of them gone off,
I suppose, to greener pastures where bloggers exhibit fewer signs of mental instability.

I have to face it. I am talking to myself. Well, I enjoyed my poem even if nobody else did.

In other news, Elizabeth’s blog is broken, kaput, out of order; Reamus has moved again; and Katherine in Kiwi Land made a post about cockroaches and also one about grey house spiders but managed to separate them with one about how to prepare prawns a la TLVD.

I have no idea what TLVD is. Googling the term gave me the following choices:

1. Thang Long Vo Dao
2. Transient Left Ventricular Dilation
3. Tu Luc Van Doan
4. TLVD, a company in New York that has been providing what it calls Design, Interactive, and Motion Graphics services since 2001, specializing in development of branded advertising and interactive experiences.
5. Boomerang Toverland

And that was just on the first page.

I don’t think Katherine meant any of those.

Nonsense poetry has a rich history. Do the names Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear spring to mind?

They should.

Here’s someone reciting one of my favorites:

“The Jumblies” by Edward Lear

and here it is in printed form.

I think I know what happened to all of my cyberfriends.

They went to sea in a sieve.


  1. I'm sorry no one commented. Lonely feeling, isn't it? I've had a good excuse for my absence lately, tho...

  2. Tracie, a voice in the wilderness! Thanks for dropping by. I hope you enjoyed "The Jumblies"!

  3. Hey dude! Just because you don't get a comment doesn't mean that your post has not been read. The CIA are paying me a retainer to keep a close eye on your blog as one of your neighbours in Canton has accused you of being a commie subversive who once attended a revolutionary socialist conference in Sweden. Consequently, I have to read all of your posts.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. My head is green and my hands are blue. Am I a Jumblie? Only my hairdresser knows for sure.

  6. York Pud, I have never before heard the IBM laboratory in Sweden referred to as a revolutionary socialist conference. As to the other charge, you obviously have me confused with Daphne.

    Pat, if the lands where you live are far and few, it only adds corroborating evidence.

    Putz, you slipped up. You obviously meant to say ditto<<>pat ark....

  7. Well it's nice to be missed. I did visit and fully intended leaving a poem of my own concerning the Austin Allegro.

    It was then that I discovered that I'm not much good at poetry.

  8. Parrots, you brought me my new trivia fact for the day, that the Austin Allegro used to be the Innocenti Regent. Now if I can just figure out how to work that into a conversation....