Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Riddles science has not been able to solve

Why Putz types with his fists and elbows instead of his fingers.

Why there is (are?) both chocolate and vanilla.

Why the San Francisco Forty-niners coaches moved rookie Bruce Miller from defensive lineman, the position he played during his entire collegiate career at the University of Central Florida, to offensive back.

Why Kim Kardashian married that basketball dude and then divorced him after only 72 days of wedded bliss.

The effect of wellch Welsh poetry on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds.

How The Learning Channel gets away with broadcasting programs like Sister Wives and Hoarders and American Muslims and Say Yes to the Dress and Cake Boss.

Whether the person who put the tribbles in the quadritriticale was related to the person who put the overalls in Mrs. Murphy’s chowder.

Why Frances Garrood, English writer, isn’t richer and even more famous.


  1. my 6 years of being a bloody raconteur to a relatvily unappreciative audience present company excused has now come to a close

  2. don't be fooled frances is richer and more famous than she lets on

  3. I for one am amazed that Putz can type with his fingers. Or has mastered the art of fist/elbow typing. Such agility! Either way, I'm very impressed. And this is about the third time that I've heard Putz say (so to speak) 'goodbye to blogworld'. He has always made a comeback. He's like our Heintje Davids.


  4. Thank you, Putz. You see, he can write perfect sense when he wants to.

  5. Putz, I cannot tell whether you are happy or disappointed, but all of us here hope you will continue to be dropping by and leaving comments.

    Carolina, when I tried to learn more about Heintje Davids (about whom I knew nothing), all I could find were Dutch-language links. Is he or she a sports figure, a politician, a show-biz legend, what? I don't have a clue.

    Frances, yes, he can!