Monday, November 14, 2011


...and I mean vERY fEW read this blog.

Another quarter has been heard from, and when I say another quarter I mean Putz. The Putz. Mr. David H. Barlow of Ephraim/ Manti/Tooele (pick one), Utah.

His blog, I would say, is an acquired taste. Much like mine. Much like yours, probably.

On October 31st, Putz entered the following qwertygram (and it was quite good) into our little contest:

........quiz wizz erneszt rutgerts totally yaps under icky
........octopusses putting albatrosses summerially destroyed
........forever, joking karl laughs zealously creating vibes
........BADLY near manchester

but then, strangely and for no good reason that I could discern, he became embarrassed and decided to withdraw from Blogworld altogether because an English writer named Frances Garrood had also submitted a qwertygram. Putz left another comment on my blog:

........oh oh oh no i have just embarassed myself by publishing
........a comment below someone as famous as frances, the most
........well know author in all of england{at least to me she is} will i ever live this down with all my miss spelling ........grammatical fopahs and mouth wide open with my foot it<><><>that does it, i am through talking through
........posts blogs and comments<><>goodby world

and he returned to his own blog and posted the following:

Oct 31, 2011
goodby world, see ryhymes with bob for reason

which I’m pretty sure regular readers of his blog but not of mine probably found very puzzling. He has posted nothing since, except to join Carolina and Jinksy in voting “yes” to the question of whether I should start my pole dancing career as soon as possible and post photos of my pole dancing actions.

Until now.

Yesterday, in a comment on his own post, Putz said:

when i say goodbtworld see bob for a reason, it might very well be his train of thought lately.,,.,.this wellch poetry seems to appeal to very few normal people><<>.,vERY fEW nORMALA peopLPLEPLE


I must confess that this has left me perplexed. On the one hand, Putz accuses you, my readers, of not being nORMALA peopLPLEPLE [sic] but on the other hand he turns around and says he is intrigued with some of my newest commentors, many of whom, I hasten to point out, actually seemed to enjoy my wellch [sic] poetry post.

Honestly, there is just no pleasing some peopLPLEPLE people.

But I say let bygones be bygones. Let’s all hie ourselves over to Putz’s blog and leave comments encouraging him to return to our cold (I do not say cruel) corner of Blogworld, because he is sorely missed.

And if you should find Putz’s blogging style difficult to follow at times, keep plugging away at it. It has a way of growing on you. Eventually it will even make sense.

P.S. -- I have decided that what Putz meant is that ALL of you are perfectly normal, but that TOO FEW of you, only 84 at present, follow my blog. Also, I would point out that miss spellings and grammatical fopahs do not make a person either normal or abnormal, just intriguing.

If I am wrong, I do not wish to be corrected.

And if you ask me, the only one around here who isn’t normal is quiz wizz erneszt rutgerts.


  1. I hve no idea what you're talking about, but I'd like to point out that without the very well-known Frances Garrood, you would have only 83 followers.

    That's all.

  2. UNCLE BOB - I have tried to follow Putz's blog before but the delivery repels me. Is he human or is he a computer? Your kind forbearance is testament to the wisdom you have gained through the exigencies of your multitudinous earthly experiences.

  3. To Whom It May Concern: Every last one of the 84 followers of this blog, and that includes you, Frances, without whom there would indeed be only 83, is precious to me. A few of them came once or twice and have never been back, so why they joined remains a mystery. There is no accounting for taste.

  4. Yorkshire P., Putz is indeed human, the father of Daniel who does all the motorcycle riding along the rims of deep, dangerous canyons. Putz's wife is named Karma, but they are Mormon, not Hindu.

  5. Oh no. Have we lost Putz? I will go over there and do my bit to try and get him back. I have difficulty reading his blog and therefore I'm not over at his place very often, but I do enjoy reading his comments to other people's blogs. It's just that sometimes he seems to be typing with his fists and elbows in stead of his fingers. Nothing wrong with that. It's just difficult to read. Certainly for a non-English speaking person like me ;-)

  6. For the information of everyone who reads this blog or Putz's blog, I hereby announce as a fellow reader of that blog or blogs that I am normal--completely normal--and, far from being an acquired taste, my blog has an instant appeal to all people, of all ages, in all places, in all eras, and in all walks of life.

  7. Carolina, we would never know that you are a non-English-speaking person if you didn't keep telling us. I wish millions upon millions of my countrymen had your facility with the language.

    Step right up, folks, and place your order now for an advance copy of Snowbrush's forthcoming book, Humility and How I Attained It.

  8. Thanks for the plug, Rhymes, but how did you know. Have you been seeing my wife?

  9. snow, i have definetely written for a far supierior audience of a different era, time ,spiecies, age, place, era and walk of life

  10. it is my wife karma that does all the acrobatics along the rims of dangerous cliffs, and hindu is my prefferred religion

  11. Hindu? What a fool I've been, Putz, I thought you were a Mormon.