Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lazy Day

Yesterday was Lazy Day at our house. We didn’t get out of our bedclothes the entire day. We sat around in our pajamas and petted Jethro and occasionally mustered enough energy to get up off the sofa and let him out the patio door so he could putter around in the back yard and do what dogs are wont to do before returning to their lives of leisure-filled luxury (or is that luxury-filled leisure?) with their humans. I did put on a bathrobe around 1 p.m. and bring the mail in. That was probably the high point of our day.

In the evening we watched reruns of Antiques Roadshow and Undercover Boss Abroad:

[Editor's note. The photo above is for illustrative purposes only; it does not show an actual member of our household. Actual members of our household are all trim and svelte.--RWP]

Scintillating existence, eh, wot?

Even better than Lazy Days are Quiet Days when the television stays off and we read.

Nothing is so intimate as shared silence.

I read that somewhere once.

Life goes on and Lazy Day is over for another week or two. But I am having trouble getting Tantalizing Tuesday started.

Any suggestions?


Helsie said...

We spent the Labour Day holiday (Monday) like that too. No labour for us!Lots of crochet and a bit of Miss Marple on TV. Very nice.

fiphylia said...

so true that sometimes i didn't do anything, just eat and sleep for almost the day :D
do hit me back http://fiphylia.blogspot.com/