Friday, November 16, 2012

Life as we know it is over

There will be no more Ho Hos, no more Ding Dongs, no more Twinkies, no more Wonder Bread (motto: “Helps build strong bodies 12 ways”).

Hostess Bakeries is (are?) closing its (their?) doors and laying off 18,500 workers.

Here are the gory details.

In other, less important news, the U.S. is about to jump off the fiscal cliff, and Israel is mobilizing troops near the Gaza border after a deluge of rockets from Hamas.

But we know what the real news is, don’t we?

It’s none of those things, actually.

The real news is that actress Lindsay Lohan will portray Elizabeth Taylor in a movie.


  1. That's disgraceful.Companies have to be able to change things, make products people will buy rather than chuck it and fire people who depend on them.Used to be employers cared about this so called other family called A COMPANY, people have.
    Products have become smaller in quantity and greater in price.No wonder people don't buy.

  2. Mary Z, I know.

    A Lady's Life, I think Hostess's actions are an object lesson and a warning to strikers everywhere in these financially-strapped times. The union workers essentially bit the hand that fed them. Now they will have to fend for themselves. Employers have always cared most about profits and the bottom line.

  3. Gentlemen would always offer ladies a "Ding Dong" before enjoying a banana "Twinkie". Not Richard Burton though!

  4. And RWP, there used to be a time oin the long far away when they CARED about paying a living wage and making their employees happy. Sadly, the race to the bottom line, as you accurately point out is what they do now and I do not think we are better for it. Nor they.

    I concur in Lady Life's analysis.

  5. Yorkshire Pudding, I have read between your lines and I have discerned your naughty message, you dirty old man, you!

    Reamus, I think there have always been caring employers and non-caring employers. I worked for two large companies that were completely different in that respect. One had unions and one did not. The one without unions treated its employees better.

  6. lindsay lohan has so much class, i don't ever remembering liz taylor ever being arrested and defying judges, but my memories are short with such beautiy {talking about liz now and not lohan who i think is a mess}