Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The final tally still not known a week after the election because absentee votes and provisional votes are still being counted in some places.

But the very latest results are:

Barack Obama - 62,600,051 (50.6%)
Mitt Romney - 59,123,945 (47.8%)
All other candidates - 1,961,276 (1.6%)

So the total vote (at this point) was nearly 124,000,000 and not 120,000,000 as originally reported.

You wanna know what I think?

Here’s what I think:

A million here, a million there, pretty soon we’re talking a significant number of people.


  1. That is interesting. Georgia voted 53.4% Romney and 45.4% Obama, so the state did not go totally to Romney. I just read that individuals in Georgia are submitting a petition, with some other southern states, to secede from the union. I guess they are more interested in their own way of thinking than being part of the union, so they were never committed to the US really? I bet many of them have the flag waving from their houses or on their car – so they were never patriotic at all? I smell some hypocrisy here. What about the 45% who did not vote for Romney, don’t they count? Does Georgia want a one party system – well they have it in the state government actually. Please see the results of the $1.5 million investigation of state corruption by the Center for Public Integrity - . As you see Georgia ranks 50th out of the 50 state – it’s the most corrupt state in the nation.

  2. I am kinda disappointed they still have to count votes like this.
    With todays technology the voting system should be better organized and counting votes automatic as they come in.

  3. vagabonde, that is a lot of questions! Let me respond sentence by sentence (I hope I don't overlook anything). No state went "totally" for one candidate or another. However, it was reported that there were 59 divisions in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where there was not a single vote for Romney. Something like 19,000+ for Obama, zero for Romney. If that sounds feasible to you, you are very naive. It is not just Georgia and some other southern states where individuals have submitted secession petitions; people have actually done it in places like California and New York as well (I would guess not by Obama voters). No state is going to secede; we tried that once 150 years ago and 600,000 people were killed out of a population of 31 million. That would translate to six million people out of today's population. Only the hotheads and sore losers are doing something so ridiculous. Please do not mistake every house with an American flag out front for the domicile of idiots. Lastly, if you want to see corruption, Chicago would be a good place to start. Oh, and parts of Philadelphia. But I say, "God bless America" as well as "Vive la France!"

    A Lady's Life, but those absentee and provisional ballots are all hand-marked paper ballots. "Today's technology" is not going to solve every problem known to humankind. And "today's technology" gave us hanging chads in the Gore v. Bush election of 2000. The moral of this story is: You can't win (well, you can, but not if your name is Mitt Romney).

  4. In our county, we darken circles on a paper ballot. As we check out of the polling place, we slide the ballot into.a tabulating machine. This automatically registers the votes cast, then stores the paper. Very quick, easy, and you're the only person who touches your ballot.

  5. wow what a pot stirrer we have

  6. Mary, that sounds like an excellent method. Georgia's is touch-screen voting machines. The memory cards from every machine are transported in sealed containers by the precinct manager, accompanied by a sheriff's deputy, to the county's board of election headquarters to be counted electronically. The only fly in the ointment is that there is no paper trail of the voting except for a lengthy paper tape that each machine produces at the end of the night with the total figures for each individual contest. I think the powers that be are working to resolve this issue.

    Putz,, leave it to us!

  7. The vote for President Obama was more overwhelming than first suggested. If only he was allowed to lead for a further four years from 2016! Then we'd be chanting EIGHT MORE YEARS!

  8. Yorkshire Pudding, I wouldn't call 50.6% "overwhelming" but maybe it is considered so in your neck of the woods. Also, the 22nd Amendment to our Constitution has limited our presidents from serving more than two terms since 1947, but the Current Occupant may manage to sidestep our Constitution. After all, he is Barack Obama and it is just an antiquated piece of paper.