Friday, January 18, 2013

A historic day!

I don’t care what Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong say (3:35).

Or Billie Holiday (3:50).

Or Jimmy Buffett, who included the seldom-sung verse (4:13).

Or even the sugary-sweet, white-bread warblings of Doris Day (3:41).

Stars didn’t fall on Alabama last night.

Snow did.

At my daughter’s house.

We’ve been having pneumonia weather in the South this month. This morning the temperature at my house was 28 degrees Fahrenheit and it’s supposed to reach 72 this afternoon.


  1. Jimmy Buffett can do anything, IMO!!

  2. You're supposed to gain 44 degrees in one day! Wow. I wish Oregon could do that.

    Another idea for you future song lists:

  3. we got up to zero at 3 today<><<=11 to =28 normal<>,.so don't complain to me

  4. Mary Z, hold that thought.

    Snowbrush, I made a little boo-boo. It was only supposed to get to about 53 today here. And it did.
    Maybe 72 is tomorrow.

    Putz, did you read my Jell-O® post yet?