Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Quote of the day (and maybe week/month/year)

My thanks go out to bloggers David and Nancy French for the following morsel from 23-year-old Survivor contestant Eddie, describing what he’d do with the money if he won the $1 million prize:

“If I do win the million dollar prize I want to open, like, a dog kinda like shelter kennel playpen area, like attached to a bar. Like, those are my two favorite things. I like dogs and I like bars, so if I can open a bar, and, like, you just bring your dog there, that would be unbelievable.”

Readers, put that in your pipe and smoke it.

To see a picture of Eddie, click here. The scary part is that Eddie looks normal.

This just in: Eddie didn’t win.


  1. With such outstanding articulation married with deep philosophical debate, I conclude that Eddie must have attended one of America's top universities. Harvard? Yale? UCLA? By the way, don't they eat dog bars in Korea? Perhaps Eddie should go there - preferably the north!

  2. You'd think after living for 23 years he'd have a few more intelligent thoughts in his head than just dogs & bars. Sign of the times, for sure. I think I'll go read Ralph Moody and be inspired by youth once again ;-)

  3. Y. Pudding, Esq., Eddie, having participated fully in the dumbing down of America promulgated in recent decades by Our Great Leaders (who are none to smart themselves, despite what many think at home and abroad), is all too typical of many of his generation.

    Snowplow, your comment was published briefly and then disappeared altogether. I don't know what happened, but I apologize iffen it were my fault.

    Hilltophomesteader, see my comment to Y. Pudding, Esq. As for your choice of reading material, I remember Little Britches with fondness.

  4. He might well be on to something, at least if he lived in the UK.

    'I'm just taking the dog for a walk' has been the excuse for British men to slope of to the pub for generations, but now so many hostelries forbid entry to our canine companions that this no longer works.

    Interesting, the divorce rate has risen proportionately with the banning of dogs from pubs.

    A dog creche could well be the solution that will save both sanity and marriages.

  5. Mr. Parrots, so then there is truth in the old maxim in the business world: find a need and fill it. Eddie is crazy like a fox.