Sunday, April 6, 2014

O wad some pow'r the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us.

Some people are immortalized in cement. I have been immortalised in Blog.

Not mine. Yorkshire Pudding’s.

Which explains why I spelled immortalized with an “s”....

Yesterday, Pudding published a post in which he included some of the recently-made-public paintings by George W. Bush. Pudding doesn’t like them. Or him. He said the former president “is as good at art as he was at leading America.” You can read the whole thing here and also see W’s portraits of Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel.

Being my lovable self, I left this comment: “Your subjects eagerly await your own art exhibition, sire (Translation: Put up or shut up.)”

Lord Pudding responded with this drawing, which was obviously based on the 2010 photo of me over there to the right in my sidebar.

I think I look a bit too grim in Pudding’s drawing. He got the lips a little too thin and clenched a little too tight. And it’s my moustache, not my mouth, that turns down. I have challenged him to come up with a happier version of moi.

But to tell the truth, I am highly flattered.

Thank you, Yorkshire Pudding!

You are a gentleman and a scholar.

Even a bit of an artist.

Of course, you’re no George W. Bush.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Yes, thank heavens I am no George W. Bush. In future centuries, blog archivists will observe your image and know that you once walked here. Perhaps then a new religion will be born. Praise The Bob! Praise him!

Elephant's Child said...

I was not a fan of George W Bush as president, and his art is not for me either. However, of the two I believe his art is considerably less dangerous.
And I doubt I could do as well on the artistic front as he does. And certainly not as well as Yorkshire Pudding did.

Reamus said...

Why Robert I think you look just fine in that brooding quiet way of yours. YP did a fine job, and I shall have no comment on the work of our former President.


All Consuming said...

I've just been over to Mr Pudding's place and viewed the sorry state that those paintings are. Awful, reaaaaallllllly bad. I am no fan of Bush (as the actor said to the Bishop), but shall leave the politics behind and say that I think YP has definitely caught you there. You're right, he could have made you look happier, I'd like to see a version of you giggling actually. You aren't a miserable sod (you'll be thrilled to hear). I like the idea of 'Praise The Bob' too. The Great and Merciless Bob. Or mercifull depending on your mood. *laughs.

Pat - Arkansas said...

Playing catch up! As one of your loyal followers, I think it quite fitting that you should be immortalized on Mr. Pudding's blog.

Have a great day!