Saturday, May 31, 2014

Lettuce corn tin you, or Anguish Languish (The Sing-along Edition)

First there was Owe Joy! Ode Ill Height!, in which we discussed Furry Tells and Noisier Rams.

Then there was Homophonic Transformations, Part Two, in which we sang “Venue Whisker Porno Store” from the Walt Disney movie Pinochle Pinocchio.

Now, after many months, during which your correspondent lay awake many nights thinking up new ways to torment entertain you, here’s Anguish Languish (The Sing-along Edition)!

Ewer par tizzy patients knot chest whelk um, hits expectorated.

Lettuce beggin’:

1. ’S Cool Daze

’S cool daze, ’s cool daze,
Deer hold goal dun gruel daze,
Ridden an rotten an Ruth mat hick
Taut tudor tuna bah heck grease tick.
Ewer mock winnin’ cowlick go,
Eye washer bass fill, bear food bow,
Win ewe Rodan moss late
“Isle of yew sew,”
Win wee worry cupola* Keds**.

Wasn’t that fun?

Don’t answer that.

Lettuce corn tin you.

2. A Bye Sickle Billed Four Too

Day see, Day see,
Gummy you rancid rue,
Alm have graze, see,
Offer the lob a view.
It want via sty leash mare edge,
Eye canto four duck air edge,
Bit ewe looks wheat
A porn thus eat tub
A bye sickle billed four too.

All righty, then.

A song from you would be best of all.




Tom Stephenson said...

I didn't know you could speak Bristol (Brizzle).

ADRIAN said...

This is better than Edward Lear.

I do like the Lear image in my mind of rancid toad.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

You should check out Stanley Unwin. You appear to be on the same wavelength.
For example;-

All Consuming said...

I thought of Stanley Unwin too heheh. Great wordplay, a most enjoyable fun post indeed.