Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Homophonic transformations, Part Two

Some of you may remember my post of June 25, 2012, “Owe Joey! Ode Ill Height!”, in which we played around with words after the manner of Howard L. Chace’s book, Anguish Languish. Some of you may be trying desperately to wipe the memory of it from your brain.

Well, I’m in the mood to do it again.

I hope you are too.

Bee curse duress top disk postal bee crated inn Anguish Languish.

Vaunt two zinger thong why Louie weight?

Eye know! Less zing “Venue Whisker Porno Store”!

Alter gather know, less zing:

Venue whisker porno store,
Mates know deference ooh hue ore,
Venue Vishnu Pawnee’s tar
Oz streamer stew...

Lacquer bowl tout off dub loo,
Pates tips inning seize youth rue,
Venue whisker pawn as tar
Yard ream scum drew.

Well, that’s enough of that. Just in case you couldn’t make it out, here is Walt Disney’s original, in context (5:39).

As I said back on June 25th, dish cub bathers tar tub sum pink pig.

Orkin oddly white furrier calm mints.


  1. The link links right back here to your blogpost.

  2. Thanks, Jeannelle, for letting me know. I have no idea how that happened. It should be okay now.

  3. The original always brings a tear to my eye, as does your version, albeit for an entirely different reason :-)

  4. Shooting Parrots: Thank you, I think. (Compliments are always nice to receive. I hope one day to receive one.)