Sunday, July 20, 2014


There are Neils that make us happy
There are Neils that make us blue

There are Neils that steal away the teardrops
Like the sunbeams steal away the dew.

There are Neils that have a tender meaning
That the eyes of love alone can see

(Photo by Andy Roo 2009, CC by 2.0)

But the Neils that fill my life with sunshine
Are the Neils that you gave to me.

To give all semi-famous Neils their moment in the sun, here they are in one place.


Tom Stephenson said...

I feel a greetings card coming on.

Elizabeth said...

Lovely! He's a grand lad...

Yorkshire Pudding said...

This is a great blogpost! I hope you don't mind Monsieur Bob but I have recommended it for a special award. And if I might be so bold, Bob is a rather humdrum kind of name, why not consider changing your own name to Neil? Neil Brague has a sophisticated and rather sexy ring about it but Bob Brague suggests insurance agents and softball coaches. I'm just saying.

Helsie said...

Crawler !

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Crawler Brague? No way Helen! Neil Brague sounds much better.

All Consuming said...

A post that has me smiling, nicely rhymed there rhymes. Neil Gaiman is my favourite Neil of all time. Imparted so you can sleep tonight.