Sunday, January 4, 2015

The sound of one hand clapping

Having suddenly realized (British: realised) that not only am I becoming increasingly irrelevant in today’s world but also that we are now more than three months into what should have been my blog’s sabbatical year*, I have decided to take a break from blogging.

I probably will be back, but who knows?

Also, being of the mercurial sort (look it up) , the break may last three days or three months or three years. Again, who knows?

Certainly not I.

Until then, whenever “then” turns out to be, toodles. It’s been real**.

One thing I do know for sure. I will miss you more than you will miss me.

Yr frnd,

* Wait, is a sabbatical year the seventh one, or the one after the seventh one? If the correct answer is the former, then I am already a year late.
**Actually, it’s only been virtual, but it often seemed real.


  1. Don't stay away long RWP, we have to keep track of the grandson's baseball career no meter how eldest rain your life has become!

    Enjoy the time away but hurry back!

  2. Have fun. Hopefully you will return sooner rather than later - but have fun anyway.
    And we in Orstraya also eschew the z.

  3. Gonna miss you Bob. When you do return to blogging would you please leave a comment on "Yorkshire Pudding". This will prevent me from having to check out "RWP" every two or three days. Have a nice sabbatical!

  4. I'm with YP, I'll be checking continuously....I will surely miss you and Ellie. I feel we've become friends, virtual and otherwise. My whole family knows who Mr RWP is....
    Farewell, but please come back soon. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.....sniff.
    A sad day on the hilltop.

  5. So far five of you have commented on my departure from cyberspace. My thanks to each one of you, but depending on how one looks at it, this fact is either extremely gratifying or extremely depressing.

    Hilly (as Y.P. calls you, I think you have misread Y.P. -- he has no intention of checking continuously. That's why he wants me to leave a comment on his blog when I return. Maybe I will and maybe I won't.

  6. I disagree. The young always have room to learn from the older wiser generation.I know many read without leaving comments and that's ok too.
    My friends never leave comments but that's not to say they don't read my blog.
    I know I learned a lot from my grand parents.I think blogging is good because it puts your thoughts into words and they are out there for someone to come across maybe long after you are gone.This is always a good thing
    if someone learns something.
    Anyway Happy New Year !

  7. Understandable... but sad nonetheless. Rather like one's pen pal telling them they won't be responding for awhile. I'll miss your interesting and varied posts! Be well. And until we meet again ~ Blessings!

  8. I'm slow at the moment tsk. I'm sorry to have you go, but there's usually a good reason why we take a break from blogging, and if that's what your heart or your head is saying, then follow them. I think you'll be back, I certainly hope so.

  9. There you go... just as I was about to resurface. Ah, well. Enjoy your sabbatical.

    I hope all is well with you and your lady, and that you'll be back soon. I will keep checking.

    Hugs from Arkansas.