Thursday, January 7, 2016

Mrs. RWP creates Number Two

That is, she completed her second pattern from her new coloring book.

Here it is:

I thought about also showing you the sample versions that the publishers of the coloring book provided so that you could contrast the drab, dull, depressing products they suggested with the delightful ones Mrs. RWP has created using her own color choices. But then I realized it might be a copyright violation, so I decided against it.

Mrs. RWP is definitely the visual artist in the family.


  1. It looks like she is having fun. Which is lovely.

  2. Can't you spice up the colouring process by buying yourself an identical colouring book and then racing against Ellie to finish?

  3. She's very good with colour matching, I'm guessing this will partly be down to all the blanket making, and partly something she was born with.