Saturday, February 6, 2016

Senior night at the basketball court

Not senior as in a person of advanced age (like myself), but senior as in the final year of high school before a fellow goes off to university.

It was the final home game for the 2016 basketball team (basketball being a winter season sport) at the school where our grandson Noah, second son of our second son, has been a starter and co-captain during his senior year. There were two more games remaining on the schedule but they were "away" games -- meaning at the opponents' schools -- and one can hardly hold a senior recognition night at an away game, can one?

No, one can't.

So, without further ado, here are shots of Noah before and after the game. I do apologize (British, apologise) for not including shots during the game, but I was too busy watching and cheering to take many any photographs.

Noah being introduced before the game and running past the cheerleading squad, who waved their shiny, gold pom-poms:

After the game, during the recognition ceremony, each senior player walked with his family through an arch of balloons and a tunnel of honor (British, honour) composed of ROTC students holding up swords:

Each player's activities and accomplishments during his four years of high school were announced. Unfortunately, it was difficult to understand what anyone's accomplishments were because of the way the sound of the public address system echoed around the gymnasium.

Finally, the basketball coaches came and shook hands with the honorees and their parents. Each mom was presented with a single long-stemmed rose, which event I also managed not to capture in a photograph:

What can I say? Regardless of my skill or lack thereof with a camera, I was am a very proud grandpa.


  1. How come Noah did not have the name "BRAGUE" emblazoned across the back of his team shirt? Surely he is not ashamed of being associated with the name and his French heritage!

  2. Here in the U.S. of A., only at collegiate and professional levels do the players' names appear on their jerseys. R.H.I.P., I suppose.

  3. Of course you are proud. It is in a Grandparents duty statement...

  4. I would have thought it was asking for trouble, letting people with swords loose anywhere near a balloon arch.

  5. Sue/EC, I must have misplaced my copy of the Grandparents duty statement, but I think it is written in my bones.

    Ian/Parrots, you have a valid point! I wouldn't say it out loud at the event, though....