Sunday, July 9, 2017

Remembrance of things recently past: Graduation 2017

We traveled to Alabama to attend the high-school graduation of our oldest grandson there (not our oldest grandson of all, but our oldest grandson there).

Here are a few scenes of that day for posterity my vast reading audience's personal perusal and pleasure (alliteration lessons available for a small fee):


  1. The Brague genes are clearly of a very fine quality. Did you check out any houses while you were there?

  2. Yorker, we did not as this event occurred in May.

    John, I am proud for him.

  3. I'm proud of all of you! By gum he looks like you and your misses rhymes. They all do the clan, it's so nice that I think, and most of our family can be recognised as being part of the big clan too. Lovely day, lovely smiles. Well done that lad! x

  4. Michelle, people keep saying he looks like me but I don't see that great of a resemblance...