Thursday, December 14, 2017

A note to my adoring public

All three of you.

I'm kidding.

Or not, as the case may be.


And you didn't even know I was gone. Well I was, for several days. My computer has been to the computer doctor getting its little self all cleaned up and scoured and healthy again after I was nearly scammed by some people online who posed as Microsoft/Windows Help Desk/Network Technicians, took control of my computer remotely, and tried to convince me I needed to install a firewall for only (ONLY) $1,999.99 USD or maybe $1,680.00 or maybe a mere $500.00 immediately with 12 monthly payments of an unspecified amount to follow before they would return control to me.

As Howie Mandel might say, "Deal or No Deal?"

I won't bore you with any more of the gory details, but all is now well again in our happy household for a mere pittance of $79.00 to the aforementioned computer doctor. He doesn't make house calls, though. I had to transport my little darling impersonal communications device 20 miles to his place of business and then retrieve it a couple of days later.

As good old Will Shakespeare or Christoper Marlowe or somebody once said, "All's well that ends well."

Moving right along, it appears that unless I get very busy in the next couple of weeks, my total number of blogposts in 2017 will be less than last year's total. My long, slow decline has been in progress for some time now, and it continues apace.

Right now we are smack dab in the middle of both Hanukkah and Advent with Christmas looming on the horizon (it begins December 25th and lasts, remember, until January 6th, when it is supplanted by Epiphany) and just in case I don't get back here at all, let me wish you one and all the happiest of whatever holidays you do or do not celebrate. We will probably not be sending out Christmas cards this year, but I am grateful that we have received six to date, including one from Snowbrush in Oregon and one from All Consuming in England, which correspondents should now consider themselves duly thanked in front of the whole wide world.

Oh, and I hope your St. Lucia's Day observance yesterday was a memorable one.

(Photo by Claudia Gründer, 13 December 2006, used in accordance with CC BY-SA 3.0)


  1. My computer had another bad crash yesterday. My son was able to restore it much more easily than the last time. I am worried that it will happen again so I have posts ready until after the first of the year. I hope it will hold out until I can get a new one. Since the cost of the new furnace hit me hard in the bank account I need to build that back up before I spend that kind of money if I can. It is hard to be without when you are used to having it when you want to use it. I'm glad yours is back to normal.

  2. As I don't know your home address I always send your Christmas gift and card to The Mayor of Canton who is of course currently Gene Hobgood. I trust that Mayor Hobgood passes these items on to you as requested. Last year I bought you a vintage ventriloquist's dummy called Stanley and this year I have sent you a keg of Tetley's best bitter. Funny that you have never thanked me for my generosity in the Christmas gifts department.

  3. The very happiest of holidays to you and yours.
    Sigh on the scammer front.

  4. Great to hear, enjoy your holiday celebrations! I’m not in hospital yet and hopefully won’t end up there, so raise a small glass for me dearie X