Tuesday, June 19, 2018

View from the bottom of the barrel by one who has been there

Hard on the heels of a powerful poem from Elizabeth, this morning I want to share with you "Twenty Years Ago", a powerful post from another cyberfriend in England, a man named Gary Pennick who blogs under the name klahanie. I'm sure it required courage both to write and to publish.

After you have looked at that, I have an off-the-subject question that I hope someone can answer. Why is it, when looking into a camera, that human eyes show red but doggie eyes show green?

This is neither a joke nor a trick question. I would really like to know the answer.


  1. Touching post from Gary, it's nice that you've shared it rhymes. x

    Your question - It is because when the zombie apocalypse occurs only Dogs shall actually become zombies, people will become vampyres, of course. *curtsies*

    Cats will still be stood at the back door saying they want to go out and then when it opens staying sat there looking at the opener like they're a complete idiot.

  2. AC/M/ST/whatever you're calling yourself today, thank you so much! That was very helpful. I dp wonder, though, whether other readers have different answers (not that I'm doubting you in the least; not at all. It makes great sense, yes it does).

  3. Hahahahaha. I realised I can see all my bloggers on my private blog, so it would be useful to keep that as a place to comment from.

  4. It was a powerful story you directed us to read. Thank you. I have no clue about the answer to your question except a flippant answer which is not what you asked.

  5. The only thing I know about green eyes, are the ones belonging to red haired ladies in almost all pulp fiction stories!lol
    No, seriously, I can't help you with the dog's eyes problem, but it's something to ponder in a quiet moment... :-)

  6. Gary is a very special person. Thank you for featuring his latest post.

  7. Dogs and many animals eyes are different to human eyes.
    Redeye only occurs when a flash or strobe is used and it is inline with the camera and eye. It's one of the reasons why proper snappers take the flash off the camera.
    Animals eyes have a reflective layer behind the iris. Don't know why but they do; it may be to assist night vision as at night our peripheral vision is better than straight ahead.
    I didn't manage the article I think I'm out of empathy.