Sunday, August 31, 2008

Speaking of Ruth...

Her last three posts are worth a plug from me. The comments afterward are also worthy of your perusal.

First, she wondered about the meaning of Communion in “Eat My Body, Drink My Blood.”

Then, she wondered whether Jesus might have told a lie in “Sinless, but not a Perfectionist.”

And for the third part of her trifecta, she topped it off with a beautiful photo and a quotation from Robert Browning, both of which cause the rest of us to wonder, in “Thought for a Sunday.”

Ladies and gentlemen, Ruth Hull Chatlien of Illinois!

If bandleader Lawrence Welk were still around, he might have added, “Wonderful! Wonderful!”


  1. Thanks for directing us to Ruth's very thought-provoking posts! And, yes, the comments were most interesting, also.