Sunday, September 13, 2009

Blogging through Italy

Today I want to bring to your attention two English bloggers, cyberfriends of mine, who joined forces and went on holiday to Italy recently. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Daphne and her husband, Stephen, and their friend and fellow Leedsian Leedsite Leedser neighbor, Ian (a.k.a. “Silverback”), who have been posting wonderful snippets lately about their trip. Ian and Daphne are both engaging writers, as well as good photographers, and Ian recently posted in addition the first of some 209 videos. I recommend it for its soundtrack alone. I don’t think he will post all 209, but if the first is any indication of what we have in store, we’re in for a great trip.

So take the time to jump across the pond and have yourself a merry little Christmas look at both Daphne’s and Silverback’s blogs. You may become regular readers. Here are the links:

My Dad's a Communist (Daphne's blog)

Retirement Rocks (Silverback's blog)

Happy reading! Happy looking! Happy poking around once you get there! And don’t forget to come back here!


  1. I DO so wish I knew how to strike through words, like you have in this post! My computer / keyboard skills are sadly lacking, I fear...

  2. My wish too, jinksy and RWP - my fervent wish. Teach us RWP! Teach us much.

  3. cont'd...and of course my computer skills are losing ground daily. Seriously! What's going on in my brain. The newer the technology the less I can grasp.